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A guy who is shy at first, but once you get to know him, is a friendly, funny, generous, and overall social person to you depending on your attitude towards him and others. Jacob is a dude who shines his brightest around those whom he considers a friend, as he tends to get confident when around them. Jacob is philosophical and wise even if he denies it due to his modesty. Jacob might be made fun of by some, but is something just barely short of an attraction towards reasonable and similar people who see the world like he does.
Random person: Hey there!
Jacob: Oh, hi...
Random person: Wanna hang out at lunch? I'm pretty bored and forward.
Jacob (With an obvious demeanor change): Sounds pretty cool. So, what's your name?
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The most amazing and perfect man on this planet. Kind, selfless, caring, and nurturing. Someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. Someone who loves unconditionally. Someone who will never let you down and will brighten even your darkest of days. A true gentleman with a pure heart and pure intentions. An unmistakably unforgettable person. A true blessing to all whose hearts are touched by such a perfect person. And someone that anybody would be lucky to know.
Jacob is a great guy
by JcmsBubba September 15, 2014
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The most amazing human being ever. Kind, super sweet, a gentleman, sexy, talented, and drop-dead gorgeous. You will get lost in his eyes. His smile is contagious and you can't help but blush at the thought of him. Trustworthy, the first to apologize, and knows your boundaries. Has a sexy, regal voice that will drive you insane. He's kind to all he meets and will make his girlfriend (assuming he's taken) feel like the most important, beautiful girl in the universe. You will love him forever, and never forget him.
Girl 1: Hey! Have you talked to Jacob lately?

Girl 2: No, he would never like someone like me..

Jacob: Hey, how are you?

Girl 1 and 2:jswarfkygulutdstukgu
by TheDoggy August 23, 2013
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One of the best friends you will ever have. You'll fall for him quickly but he won't think that he's good enough or he'll be so clueless he'll never pick up on it. Super good looking and caring, very sweet and innocent. The worst heartbreak you'll ever have.
Girl- Why are you crying?
Girl 2- Jacob doesn't like me.
by homeofheartbreak May 16, 2016
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Sweetest guy on earth, makes you happy when you are sad, will hold you in his arms at tough times and when you are cold, funny, smart and out smarts a bunch of people, loving, smiles a lot, super romantic, flirty, can make you smile within a minute(unless you have no soul), great hugger, most honest guy you'll ever meet, and he is totally respectful to women.
Girl:"hes so sweet and romantic!!!"

Other girl:"he's definitely a Jacob!!!"
by Donttalktome October 26, 2013
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Jacob is very shy around strangers, but around friends and family he is very crazy and definitely fun. Jacob is very funny and loves to laugh. He is the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet, and if you do have a Jacob in your life you are very lucky!! If you ever date a Jacob don’t mess it up because you will seriously regret it. If he likes you he won’t talk to you, every time he sees you he’ll uncontroll smile and blush, his friends tease him about you, and he likes to give you signs that he likes you. But he takes everything you do twords him as a sign as we’ll. So be careful! He is very athletic and likes to move around a lot. Jacob is tall usually with brown hair. He walks very fast unless he’s with someone else. He is s such a sweet, caring, gentle, fun-loving, gentleman. There’s almost no words to describe how perfect he is. He is so adorable! His smile could brighten anyone’s day. Jacob is very strong and loves to do dangerous activities for fun.
Person- look there’s jacob!
Person 2- I know he’s so adorable!!
by haileyiskool March 24, 2018
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romantic and very loving person
vary kind hearted
a fighter and a lover
has anger issues often
falls for girls easy but gets over them well
never scared of anybody
and loves loves loves sports
jacob is the sweetest most kind hearted guy i have ever met said brittney.
by i grew up in the suberbs August 25, 2008
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