An adjective that means really cool or awesome. It's antonym is lit, which means lame and it originated in G12.
by Sofykins January 10, 2010
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An extra-ordinarily cool kid. His coolness is too great to be described with words, and can only be experienced firsthand. Every action and exhibition of his behaviour projects immaculate amounts of coolness. He often gets rejected by women who turn out to be lesbians because he is too cool. The reason for this is that when women are shown his cool aura they become lesbian. Geo is also obsessed with nintendo because he is just that cool. When he walks through the hallways people often exclaim, " LOOK ITS THE COOL KID!".
"He is so cool like geo"
"hes too cool for me"
by noamsies May 31, 2021
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sexy, normally mexican or italian. hott, attractive, gets a lot of women. can be a player and annoying. cute, likes to skate. eats a lot, but is not a fatass.
Amber:He is so sexy!
Amber: That guy
Kimmy: What a Geo
by Kimberly_Kimbo_75645 January 3, 2009
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A small box sized vehicle on wheels, usually driven by drivers twice its size.
"Everyone get out and help me push this thing up the hill!"
by Uber-Chris May 12, 2003
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Has a fat ass.
Is that a Geo?

I really wanna spank that ass...
by Visk February 26, 2022
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Term meaning awesome. Originated from Domenico's Human geography class, anything that is cool or sweet. Opposite of lit. Meaning crappy or bad.
Mike: Man, that concert was so geo.
Joe: Totally, but that soft rock band at the start was too lit.
by Johnson 5th September 1, 2009
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A multi-purpose word to describe anything positive. Synonimous with "awesome," "sweet," "wicked," "cool," and "For the Win," to name a few. Geo carries a positive connotation in any context.
Those are some Geo dance moves, Domenico!
by "Kilpatrick" November 10, 2006
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