A town in Cornwall that remains a thriving centre of Opiate importation, retail and consumption. Also noted for its imaginary pirates and dog shit encrusted pavements. Avoid.
Emaciated Wreck: got any H?
Filthy Beggar: Course mate. This is Penzance.
Both: ha ha ha ha etc
by Alan Spangler June 24, 2014
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Comprised of nearly 17 and a half people, Penzance spans 4 square miles. The Penzance corndog shop was engulfed in flames, as the public transportation bus veered off course, to chase a Cornish Pasty tumbling into the vastness of the St Ives Bay. There were no deaths, for the corndog shop was vacant. All the people were having tea parties. However, the corndog recipe was demolished, and corndogs cease to exist in Penzance. A sozzled mortal from Penzance enjoys delirious schemes, such as holding their teapots up to the heavens. Penzance is a wonderful vacation spot, and offers a variety of lively venues. One of these is the famous Penzanian zoo. The zoo contains abounding animals, such as the one eyed cockatoo, single-legged double-necked giraffe, siamese twins siamese cats, and canadian-Alaskan fish.Russia can be seen from Penzance, as can Canada.The currency in Penzance is the pound. The pound is considerably strenuous, and results in the falling down of pants.
American: "YO, i will meet you at dairy queen in a few for corndogs. Bring 3 dollars."

Penzanian: "Sorry, mate. I am in Penzance... the public transportation bus doesnt leave for 20 minutes. Anyways, I am having a teaparty with my sozzled mate. I have no american dollars... only pounds. So heavy! And whats a corndog?"
by Corndog Police January 7, 2014
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A perfectly retarded musical i had to do at school last year with a kid who couldnt sing for crap!
Me: Take Heart! (a song)
Daniel: tAkE HeaRT?!?!?
by Daniel Hator October 5, 2004
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Its a variation of the Angry Pirate. Except with the Angry Pirate of Penzance, instead of a guy doing it to a girl, its a guy doing it to another guy. Caution with this one. Since you are doing it to another guy instead of a girl, make sure you can kick his ass in case he gets angry that you came in his eye and kicked him in the shin. This may cause him to go sex nuts and retard strong and give you a Doug Henning in return.
I'm not gay, but I gave Bias an Angry Pirate of Penzance last night. I did not think he was gay until I saw that he enjoyed it.
by assclown69 June 12, 2008
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