The ultimate dare from which a man cannot back down without incurring more loss of dignity than following through with the actual stupidity of doing the dare and suffering its consequences.
Bubba replied. "Whadaya mean 'no balls', I ain't skeert to piss on no electric fence."
by harry flashman July 29, 2003
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This expression is most commonly used in America. It can be used as another meaning for "You won't do it" or "You won't".

It overall means, you have 'no balls so you won't do it.'
"Dude, I'm going to message her!"
"No balls, you won't"
by yogurtz April 10, 2019
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Someone who is cowardly or scared. Someone who backs down easily because he is a wimp. It is also something you can say to someone and they do it or else they have no balls.
My friend paul has no balls. He has NO MOTHAFUCKIN' BALLS!
by Thatguy5050 April 29, 2021
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when someone tells you a dare, like "i dare you to lick the ground" and then says "no balls" after doing it, this means you must do it. there are no shortcuts. you must accept your destiny, and.. lick the ground. that is the way of the no balls tradition.

don't refuse or you're actually scared
i dare you to kiss that girl
no balls
"ok dang my bad fine"
by arkhell June 7, 2023
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Guy 1: "I wanted to know if she liked me, but im to much of a pussy to ask her in person, so I did it anonymously over formspring."

Guy 2: "NO BALLS"
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A rare medical condition, when the male lost his family jewels, usually as a consequence of cancer treatment
My boyfriend has no balls
That's not a euphemism
by dildo777 September 29, 2020
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