A group of teenagers in high school that for some reason are mysteriously known as the most important kids in the school, usually without the rest of the student bodies knowledge as to how and when this even happened. Was there some kind of secret meeting that everyone held? Was there a note passed around the entire school? No one's sure. The only thing everyone does know is that somehow these kids are the chosen ones, and now we all have to go with it.
While it all is a bit of a mystery, there usually are defining characteristics of all these chosen ones. It depends on the school, but more often than not the ''popular'' kids are either rich, good looking, involved heavily in school and especially in the athletics department, funny, snobby, uninterested in the ''non chosen ones'' (or mean to them), or a combination of any of the above. The popular girls are usually either on the cheerleading or dance team, or possibly excell in athletics such as track or basketball. Popular guys are most often jocks on the football and basketball teams. The average popular kid can be smart or dumb, a partier or not. In actuality the majority of them do party, but for some reason the girls are usually less open about it. This usually has to do with keeping their status squeaky clean. This isn't usually the case for the guys, as many of the popular guys boast about drinking 5 beers and playing 2 rounds of beer pong in some kids basement and having the craziest weekend ever. However, this isn't always the case as sometimes there is another, more hard core group of partiers at the high school that is also popular as well and known for getting fucked up often. The popular kids often don't work as their mommy and daddy often throw handfuls of cash at them so they can be seen looking fly at friday night's game. They often drive expensive cars their parents bought them, and fly through the neighborhoods blasting rap even though they live in suburbia.
Look, there goes Kevin in his nice car blasting his music. He's probably going to the game and then going to a party, where he'll have four beers and dance with all the popular girls, who are the only type of girl he dates.
by stan michal November 4, 2007
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a stereotype of a group of young people, such as highschoolers or middleschoolers, that usually are good looking and have expensive clothes. females in this group are usually very concerned with their appearance and their fashions,they are generally fit or very thin and tanned, cheerleading is a commonplace for "popular girls". a girl's physical beauty will be her defining characteristic. Boys must act like "one of the boys" and act manly. he must concern himself with sports, beer and hot women. His humor or athleticism will be his defining characteristic. Popular people in this sense avoid doing things that arent considered cool by their peers, such as being overly enthusiastic about academics. They must also associate mainly with other people that fit this stereotype.
They often like to go to and have parties where there is underage drinking.
They adhere to many social rules, rules of dressing well or trendy, grooming meticulously, speaking similarly,possessions, pop music and passtimes.
Often but not always they can be superficial, excluding others if they do not dress a certain way, the people they hang out with, their lack of athleticism, a social skill problem, shyness, poverty, taking interest in things that are considered uncool like being in academic clubs, being a goth, being too fat or too thin.
there are many stereotypes that go along with this catagory of people. it has been said that the girls have eating disorders and are so fake that they turn their backs on each other,are bitches and airheads. The men drink too much, fight too much, cause trouble and make fun of meeker peers, also airheads. It has been said that this group drinks too much and are superficial, slutty and petty, because of the lack of value in academia and overvalue of fleeting attributes, these people do not get far in life and peak in highschool. These things are not always true. keep in mind this is a stereotype.
a good example of popular girls is the group of girls in "mean girls" van wilder or the student government in revenge of the nerds are good examples of popular guys
by Gabriellaxoxoxo September 6, 2006
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Someone who has a lot of friends. Not all popular people are bitchy mean and stupid. A person can be popular within their own group not only the entire school. A person can be popular for many different reasons and it's not fair to judge them because a lot of people like and respect them. You don't have to be pretty to be popular, but that does help with the opposite sex. However, Then you have the people who have a lot of "friends" because they are intimidating and/or mean and people are scared of them. Usually these kind of people aren't actually liked but people are "friends" with them so they don't get made fun of. This isn't is as common as is portrayed in movies, this website , tv shows ect. Usually popular people are popular because they have the good qualities people look for in a friend.
Laura is so nice and funny, no wonder she is so popular.
by Morgannn January 13, 2006
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Someone who is glorified simply for his/her looks. Has a overall immature attitude and rejects people that they find unattractive or unpopular. The majority of people considered popular will go on to live out their life in the fast food industry due to the fact that they have an IQ below sixty and have contracted five or more STDs.
Popular Female #1 - Well, I'm off to get drunk and have sex with several people I don't know.

Popular Female #2 - I'll meet up with you later after I go insult people based on their low social status.

by Pear E June 23, 2006
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'Popular' is characteristic of someone who is really nice to everyone, even if they are mean to them. Popular means to have many friends, and be liked by basically everyone, except those jealous. A 'popular' person lends text books, hangs out with 'nerds' if they want to, doesnt care what other people think of them, dresses how they feel like,(usually nice because they care whether their clothes are covered in grease stains or not), and regrets ever being stuck up, a snob, a bich to someone or being mean. Someone becomes 'popular' by being kind to everyone, 'cause no one likes being bitched at. People always think that they have to be gorgeous, dress preppy and be a bitch to be popular. When really, if you dont think your that great looking, you dont dress preppy, but your kind to everyone and have a great personality, i'd have to call you more popular than a cheerleader or jock. Also, if you think that a gorgeous cheerleader is popular, but shes a bitch to you, chances is, she's not popular, people are just too afriad to stand up to her.
'person 1': im so glad amy lent me her biology text book yesterday, i lost mine! It was really nice of her.
'person 2': 'i think that im going to amy's tonight, she's so fun to hang out with and not stuck up.'
'person 3': 'amy's so good at baseball, and she makes so many friends there'
'person 4': 'everyone's being a bitch today, lets go hang out with amy, she's never a bitch'
'person 5': 'haha, amy's shirt today is so rad, i love how she doesnt care what other people think of her.'
'person 6': 'lets all go to amy's tonight, i dont feel like going to jessica's party, shes always really mean.'
'person 7': 'amy's so kind to everyone, no wonder she's so popular'
by amyy June 2, 2006
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One of the biggest cliches in today's culture. Silly "getting-back-at-you" high school chick flicks usually portray the popular girls as blonde bombshells who gabble on their cellphones and say "like" as their every other word.
I'm not defending the popular girls here. I wish they'd be a bit more inclusive. What I'm talking about is the silly unpopular girls who like to pretend they're misunderstood and that the popular girls are the Evil Clique in the aforementioned chick flicks. They pretend they're being bullied or pushed around, and hog sympathy. These are the ones who drive me mad.
Equally annoying are the "non-conformists" who join a subculture of millions to be individuals. But that's another story.
I'm anti-example. Popular. This is now a ten-word sentence.
by Hopscotcher June 8, 2006
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this word is often misused and has negative connotations. in reality, popular (when referring to a person) is when someone is very well liked and has a lot of genuine friends, most likely because they are a nice/friendly person. However, through the media and highschools around america, "popular" has grown to describe a certain group of people. these people, like punks, nerds, etc. have their own social code, which usually (but not always) includes expensive items/services, sports teams, and cheerleading. These people are not necessarily popular, yes some of them genuinly are well liked and have lots of friends becuase they too (gasp) are nice people. but some of them unfortunately are under the false impression that they are better than everyone else because of their possesions and friends/boyfriends/girlfriends, (who to these people also count as possesions).
girl 1: wow, have you ever noticed how many friends karen has? She's really popular
girl 2: i know, i hang out with her at the skatepark, she's really nice. She does a lot of activities, she must a lot of friends through them.

guy 1: how'd u get all that work done?
guy 2: oh, Robby helped me last night
guy 3: oh yeah he's really smart
guy 4 (just joined convo): who, robby? he's awesome, good tennnis player too, helped me with my serve.
guy 5: that dude's friggin' hilarious
by thatswicked April 21, 2006
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