Stereotype of Lesbian or Bi women who move quickly in the relationship emotionally or sexually and move in together.
“They Uhauled on the second date! “
by muziqlovr February 11, 2019
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When two lesbians say I love you after 3 days of knowing each other.
Did you hear Sarah got a girlfriend? They are as Uhaul as they come.
by J5xoxoxo August 11, 2019
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A term used when two lesbians fall in love immediately and move in together right away, often moving across states/countries to do so. It usually ends in disaster. A Uhaul is often used in the process of moving in, and then out, and often in with someone else. The "love" is usually based on superficial/shallow ideals instead of being a real relationship.
"Jane and Mary are already having problems. They only knew each other 3 months before they uhauled."
by Maxinedaphene September 30, 2013
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A stereotype of a lesbian that uses a trailer with all of her belongings in it to move with when she has found her next thing (girlfriend/relationship/situation). U-Haul lesbians are quick to jump into relationships in an unhealthy manner. This usually ends very badly.
"Alice brought a Uhaul with her with all of her things in it so she could move in with Jennifer. They just met. She is such a U-Haul lesbian."
by Fastfreddicane October 09, 2013
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1-a big orange and white do-it-yerself moving van

2-what a lesbian brings on a 2nd date its a well known joke in the gay community based on the beliefs lesbians fall in love instantaniously on the 1st date, move in on the 2nd date..

lesbian 1: Wow 3 dates brenda? thats getting pretty serious!
lesbian 2: haha yeah l seriously love her
lesbian 1: so when are you gonna rent that U-haul :p
by kater January 02, 2005
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when lesbians move in with each other after only knowing each other for a short period of time.
i know i've only known her for three weeks but i think it's uhauling time.
by swtpam October 28, 2011
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To move in with someone. Sometimes used in conjunction with "it." Originated in the gay/lesbian community.
Person 1: My girlfriend and I decided to uhaul.

Person 2: Cool. So, when are you guys moving in together? I can help you pack stuff with my truck.
Person 1: Next Saturday, probably. That'd be great!
by homosexuality January 10, 2010
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