the name of the most beautiful woman in the world, other woman were so jelous of Jane's that they made up a term for Jane's calling them plain because it rhymed and made them feel better about themselves cause they were not names jane and they are ugly.

can be highly taken for granted and care for everyone. If you like one, be honest with her because she cares for people including you and if you hurt her you’ll regret it for a long time.

janes are extremely clever and know more than you think.

janes hate fakes and when people try hard to be someone they’re not just to be cool.

janes are always the girls with the sense of humor in any group

jane's can also be that girl that had a crush on you in high school but you never dated, then she shows up at the reunion lookin all hot and successfull, then you kick your self in the ass for not being nicer to her because now she is hot and wont give you the time of day.

jane's are better then everyone, and are usually associated with class and wealth and beauty

the hot girl next door that you grew up next too is always named, or should always be named jane
“Wow, I should never have let Jane go.”
by MATSMO June 12, 2019
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The most amazing, beautiful, intelligent, funny, just over all perfect girl you will ever meet. Everyone is always jealous of her and always wants to hang out with her. She always knows what to say in awkward situations, and she's so fun to be around. If you're friends with a Jane, you are a very lucky man.
Person 1: I wish I could be like Jane!
Person 2: Yeah, she really knows how to get the party going.
by SALERMI Man March 13, 2015
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Sweet and cute girl. Loves everybody but is not afraid to rip you a new one if you mess with her. She’s not very good at hiding her feelings towards her crush.
“So do u like him?”

“No” (blushes)
“You sure Jane?”

“Ya.” (Blushes)
by Pretty_little_liars January 16, 2019
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Jane is a name usually used as a ones actual name but in reality its their middle name. Janes have super perfect flowy straight hair even when they do nothing to it.

Janes can be really creepy at times by laughing at random moments. They also are really smart but procrastinate quite often. They also stress over things like whether they should wear shorts or jeans.
Person 1: *laughs
Person 2: why are you laughing?
Person 1: oh im just laughing because i thought of something that happened days ago
Person 2: omg you're such a Jane
by mia_t031 May 25, 2014
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Verb: to put people in their place if they are behaving unreasonably
A woman pushed in front of me in the queue so I Janed her
by Estepona July 30, 2018
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Jane is a beautiful, amazing human being who all the guys like but she thinks she's ugly. She is the most supportive friend you will ever meet and is always there when you need a shoulder to cry on. She has an amazing sense of humour and is actually very smart, though she refuses to admit it. She will stick with you through thick and thin, and will always make up with you after a fight, no matter how many times. She loves Netflix and Marvel. She is also terrible at baking but has a great time anyway. She loves all her friends with all her heart and I hope she knows that we love her back. She is also friends with everyone and would never bitch about anyone.
"Jane is just the best, you know."
"You should totally ask her out, man!"

"No way she's way out of my league!"
by Temmiechan November 13, 2018
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Although a small innocent creature, Jane is a fun packed little bundle of fun! She is the sweetest thing you will ever find and she is definitely one of a kind! Jane is really easy to get along with and when friends with her, you just don't want to let go of her! If anyone can bring out a smile, it is Jane! If your name is Jane, consider it an honour, because you will achieve alot in life and make alot of people happy! Even though Jane is small, her beautiful face and amazing personality makes size not count. Jane is sure to send you away with great memories!
Jane Is a amazing friend!
by Everything I write is true! September 9, 2018
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