If you’re lucky enough to be born on this day you are super sexy and smart
Oh man I was I was born on March 2nd
by MTNJOSE18 November 8, 2019
On November 2nd you get to slap your tallest friend across the face, if you're the shortest.
Short friend: Hey dude, it's November 2nd
Tall friend: oh no...
by owo shit myself October 21, 2019
The day when a boy must make a decision about his intentions on a girl. The day was named in honour of a date when famous Russian literature hero Vlad Gejushin, decided that he needs a woman he loves in his life and saved her from death.
Person1: Hmm I’m not sure. Do I need her?
Person2: Come on! It’s December 2nd you got to decide!
by MaxTheFisherman December 5, 2021
NATIONAL SKIP DAY!!!! October 2nd is the day we all skip school to confuse all our administrators:)!!
Person 1- Have you ever heard of national skip day
Person 2- No when is it

Person 1- it’s on October 2nd
by Sleepyhead:) September 30, 2019
On December 2nd it’s a trend to not go to school. The goal is to see how what happens if no one goes to school 1 certain day to see what happens.
Hey do you know what December 2nd is?
by Pineapple2 October 29, 2019
April 2nd is for the people with the most amazing sense of humour, as they are too bad-ass to be born as April Fool's babys.
Hey, did you hear about that Steve kid that was born 2 minutes after April Fool's ended, on April 2nd?

Yea, he's a BAMF
by Jon Hung March 31, 2010