To many Saturday is the best day of the week. Often there is no work, no school, nothing but a free day to do what you need to take care of, or have fun. Saturday's are what people work towards. Saturday's do go fast however.
Person 1: Saturday and Friday should like team up, to create like an awesome Reality TV show.

Person 2: No, that wouldn't work, good try though.
by Jakabones August 13, 2006
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the one hailed day of the week where i don't have to give a fuck that i have to work so hard for. when you think about it, its our only free day, obviously its the work week, monday to friday, then theres sunday, where you have to get ready for school next day eg the hated-homework, shower, early night.Most good programs are on t.v, late nights are had, parties happen, meet your mates, chill out
by x-greendayfan-x January 27, 2006
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Day of the week in which one nurses a hangover and watches Netflix.
Hey man, what are you doing?
It's Saturday.
Oh yeah, should I bring popcorn?
by sexc123 March 15, 2014
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Saturday - (noun)

1) The day of the week where you feel the damage done to your body after a Friday night spent out in the world of a college town. Energy level ~ 5%, Laziness >= 80%, Bodily pain >= 30%, Loss of soul and liver >= 75%.

2) Also a day of recuperation and reflection, in order to repeat the Friday night that got you here all over again, with some minor changes that while with good intentions, will probably land you even more messed up for Sunday, if you make it back at all.
Friend A (at 9am) - "Yo man you alive?"
Friend B (in bed) - "Wtf dude its Saturday, it's not even college morning yet."
Friend A - "Haha sorry bro I'll be back later we're goin to breakfast."
Friend B (almost inaudible gibberish) - "Good luck with that I can't move" - (Goes back to sleep)

*12 Hours later*
Friend C (female - 9pm) - "Hey we all going out again tonight?"
Friend B (now alive) - "Yea I heard there's something even better going on down at *** Walnut."

*4 hours later*
Friend A - "This party is crowded man."
Friend B - "Yea its cool though at least there's tons of booze and bud."
Friend C - "Guys are those police lights outside."
Officer X - "Party's over, IDs out everybody"
by the DubC Ghandi February 12, 2011
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best fucking day of the week. the day when most good things happen
so saturday I got with this chick, smoked some really good weed, met up with some old friends, and later on went to sleep feelin' warm with that same chick watching some movie at her place.
by chriSM January 20, 2004
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The national holiday that occurs once every week and 52 times in a year. It is devoted for males to spend times with each other.
Often used in conjunction with "the boys"
Wife: "Thoughts on a dinner date tonight?"
Husband: "Sorry but it's Saturday, and Saturdays are for the boys"
by Qwerrtyyuuillassdfgghhjklzxxcv September 7, 2017
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