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1-a big orange and white do-it-yerself moving van

2-what a lesbian brings on a 2nd date its a well known joke in the gay community based on the beliefs lesbians fall in love instantaniously on the 1st date, move in on the 2nd date..

lesbian 1: Wow 3 dates brenda? thats getting pretty serious!
lesbian 2: haha yeah l seriously love her
lesbian 1: so when are you gonna rent that U-haul :p
by kater January 02, 2005

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okay well, its a 4 piece indie band, and you know the postal service?
(theyre a band too...) The postal service's female vocals is provided by jenny lewis and so jenny sings for both bands.. and its funny cause she sounds so sweet but the lyrics are dirty
like oh my god lets go listen to rilo kiley "lt's New Year's Even l'm in Glendora, l'm the only living person in Glendora"
by kater October 25, 2004

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everything everyone else said was WRONG WRONG WRONG
a knifeparty is a deftones song based upon the belief that a knife party is a place where people go to inject themselves with drugs. In the first line they say "My knife is sharp and chrome." A chrome knife is another name for a syringe used for injecting drugs into your bloodstream. "Come see inside my bones" is probably talking about injecting himself. "I can float here forever" is describing getting high. The other lines in the song all work with the same theme as well. The album title is a reference to high grade cocaine.
druggie 1: eh you goin to dat knife party?
druggie 2: fo shizzle cant wait to shoot up l be so jonesin'

hm whats your favourite song off of white pony? l like knife party :D chinos voice is instant orgasm l swear my gf hardly has to touch me when l hear that song l'm offffff!
by kater January 02, 2005

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In mythology, he is the angel of death.
In Kevin Smith's movie Dogma, he is a muse, a self proclaimed artist, who refused to fight on either side when there was a war fought between heaven and hell, he chose not to fight on either side, waiting to see which side won, before deciding where he stood, a true fence sitter, anyway when all was said and done, it could be argued that he remained neutral but he was kind of screwed for being such a coward... ln the film he was played by Jason Lee...the same guy from Mallrats who said, say, would you like a chocolate covered pretzel?
anyway: So after the fallen were banished to hell, God turned on those who wouldn't fight, and Azrael was sent down with the demons.
Azrael: Oh no, I've seen way too many Bond movies to know that you never reveal all the details of your plan, no matter how close you may think you are to winning.
Azrael: No pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite sin greater... than central air.
OR my favourite:
Azrael: But I'm a fuckin' demon.
by kateR September 06, 2005

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extremely gross or disgusting; attended to by unfavorable circumstances
Wow... that dried vomit sure is oogie!
by kater October 20, 2004

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rupaulblican: a right wing drag queen

note: you think that as their stereotypical counterparts most folk who do drag would maybe want to secure their rights and rage against the system instead of feeding the machine and a government that doesnt care about them
as a noun: "look at those rupaulblicans going to the polls."
as an adj: "drag queens for bush? ... am l at a rupaulblican convention?"
as a verb: "ew l hear james st james is going rupaulblican"
by kateR January 20, 2006

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a common style of clothing worn by hippies, it can be hand made, by using elastic bands on shirts and then adding random dyes and washing it all together and it makes 'groovy' patterns. Though anyone who wears tye dye now a days probably buys it like that, and might wear it as part of a costume or to be ironic.
hippie: whoa dude..I spent all night tye dyeing my socks man, grooovy whoooaaaa *gets high*

mom: when I was a girl I had a tye dye backpack

dude: God this room is bright, it looks like one of jerry garcia's tye dyed shirts!
by kater June 07, 2006

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