An assumed label given to someone out of pure ignorance and arrogance.

Often given by people who live up to the stereotypical standards of "preps", which is pretty sad.
Blondes are stupid
Metalheads are badasses with long hair
Goths are satanists
Emos whine 24/7
Blondes are morons
British are snobs
Black people like rap
Americans are fat, loud, obnoxious and abuse freedom of speech
Brunettes are sluts
Redheads are sluts
Asians are smart
Asians can't drive
Germans are nazis
Fat people are bad parents
Black people are dumb
White people are smart
White people are racist
Black people are racist
British are addicted to tea
Nerds have no life
Etc. etc. etc.

Those are examples of stereotypes
by Ifuckedtherug March 22, 2009
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A label, usually used negatively towards a person or a group of people, race, religion, or orientation.

Usually people who stereotype (95% of the people on this website) need a reality check, for sure.
Stereotyper's most commonly assume things like, 'Oh my God, she's Canadian so she must say eh after everything!' or 'He's Irish, he's gonna be a drunk!'.
Most of them, stop after awhile and grow up.
Some intill it into their children, and
there goes the intelligence of another
Stereotypes are, but aren't limited to:
1) I'm Asian so I must be smart.
2) I'm skinny so I must be anorexic.
3) I'm Italian so I must be a mobster.
4) I'm blond so I must be stupid.
5) I'm a cheerleader so I must be a slut.
6) I'm black so I must own a gun.
7) I'm Mexican so I must be poor.
8)I'm Christian so I must be a Bible thumper.
9) I'm Jewish so I must be a JAP.
10) I'm Muslim so I must be a terrorist.
11) I'm pale so I must be Goth.
12) I like Hello Kitty so I must be scene.
13) He's gay so he must like shopping.
14) I like My Chemical Romance so I must be emo.

Nobody likes Stereotypes...
by DriedxTears May 10, 2009
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A stereotype is to catergorize a group of people. People don't usually understand that type of group or person , so they put them into classifications, because they think that person is only good at that , and thats the way it is.
Stereotypes =
Dancings Only For Girls.

Shopping is only For Girls.

Sports are only for guys.
by DarkGaikoz June 10, 2010
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The leading cause of hatred on earth.

A label that someone puts one in to express their style of life. Often causing people to be bashed and made fun of. Being labeled and being expected to be like everybody else that's in the same label as you are.

A truly sick thing that people need to put an end to.
Bill: "Hey, I'm going to stereotype that girl as emo because she has black hair and has piercings."
Sara: "No, she's not. She's wearing a Casualties shirt, so she's ovbiously a Punk."
Smart Person: "Maybe she's just wearing those things because she likes them. It doesn't matter what she is. So shut the fuck up and get a life."
by A Pissed Off Girl February 26, 2009
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A commonly-held view about a particular group of people e.g. a nation, social group, religion etc... Often incorrect and/or offensive.
Some common stereotypes:

+ Americans are all loud, fat and obnoxious.

+ British people are all snobs and have bad teeth.

+ French people are all frog-eating, onion-lovers called Pierre.

+ Jews are all money-grabbing masterminds trying to take over the world.

+ Irish people are all alcoholics who love scoffing potatoes and beating up their peers.

+ Muslims are all out to kill "civilised people" by blowing themselves up by plane, bus or train.

+ Goths are morbid, suicidal and listen to shitty bands with names like "Anal Cunt."

+ Emo kids all cry and write love poems sitting under trees in the rain, letting their mascara and eyeliner drip down their faces so everyone knows that their face was wet.

+ Chavs are all loud, anti-social thugs who all live on council estates, wear fake burberry, baseball caps, steal scooters and cars and anything else they can get away with.
by Stuart Fletcher October 17, 2005
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A word used to describe how people assume that a certain group of people behaves, dresses, and thinks a certain way.
Many definions on this website are based on stereotypes. See American Republican Democrat or anything possibly stereotyped. I promise you, it is on this website.
by Laura January 2, 2005
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What teenagers use to catagorize everybody so they can get higher in the social food chain.
See wordposer/word, wordprep/word, wordpunk/word, wordgoth/word, wordjock/word, and other equally wordlame/word wordsterotype/words
by Anonymous June 25, 2003
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