The non-existant malady that one catches by being around homosexuals (males especially).
"Yo, John went to San Francisco, and now he has a boyfriend; he must have caught the gay!"
by okenter June 21, 2005
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The gay is a mysterious phenomenon that is observed prior to incidents of assfucking.
Tim joins the navy
He rides on the back of the man train
Tim's got the gay!
by Wo-tar March 13, 2003
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1. Someone or something, that is in and of itself, entirely or extremly gay. This my be shown by the way the subject walks, breathes, dances, parts his hair, colors his hair, limps his wrist, has sex with men, etc.

2. A guy who attempts to look gay for the sake of actracting women he could not otherwise attract. (also see metrosexual)
1. Person One: Dude, look, it's the gay!
Person Two: ZOMG! Too much gayness! RUN!
The Gay: HAAAAAAAAAYYY! (limp wristed wave)
by Thomas Crawford April 5, 2006
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Son: “what does gay mean”
Dad: “happiness
Son: “are you gay”
Dad: “no, I have a wife
by V1NSAN1TY 123 October 15, 2019
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"oh my god dad, thank you for making me the gayest boy in the world!"
"after meeting you i'm the gayest man in the world Candice"
"can i get a gay meal please?"
by ihavenoideainmyhead May 19, 2022
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Gay. The word Gay Its meaning is Happy

Damn Idiots
Friend 1: Hey you seem pretty gay today
Friend 2: Yep I just got the PS5 so im really Gay
Friend 3: Wait your gay you like guys?
Friend 4: No bro the word gays Orginal Meaning is Happy
by Straght but Kurapika ge me wet January 17, 2021
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