Alice is a girl who is smart, beautiful, talented, and respects everyone. She thinks ahead, and always stays positive. She knows everyone is different and doesn't treat others like they mean nothing.
"Hey, she's really nice, she's probably an Alice."
by penguins4life78 December 31, 2015
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Someone who faces a lot of stress with strength. She is beautiful just the way she is and plays well all the fuck you cards from life. Imagine a smart and witty girl who always thinks ahead. She makes mistakes but always climbs back up. She might be super sensitive to everyone's opinions and puts people before herself, but always loves herself.
Alice is just the name for her.
by lifegivesmeanxiety March 23, 2021
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Alice is the most precious girl in this world. Her smile can brighten your day, her little soft giggles can melt your heart and her honey voice is like music to people's ears. She's so intelligent and talented. Her works are always great and always make a good impression. Her beauty is out of this world even though she doesn't realises it. Every moment spent with her is worth more than all the money! Just her presence is more than enough and it will leave you craving for more moments with her. By making her smile you create your own medicine called "happiness". My Alice is the best one!
Alice is so gorgeous!
by inlovewithagoddess November 5, 2020
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One of the smartest people you will ever meet. She is fun to be around and will definitely brighten your day. She is a beautiful girl who has all of the guys Crawling all over just to talk to her. She is drop dead gorgeous. Any guy will be lucky to have a girl like Alice
by Light_13 November 24, 2014
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A beautiful, out-going, talented young lady that isn't the type of person that rejects nor is rejected thanks to her positive attitude. Anybody would lucky to have her as a friend and should value her with all their heart. Alice isn't only beautiful, out-going, or talented, she's one of those people who pit others before herself and knows when to act mature. Did I mention she's gorgeous?
-Hey I met this beautiful girl earlier.
-What's her name?
by KileyRiggs February 1, 2015
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She is a smart, beautiful girl who doesn't realize it, and is universally loved. She has a this radiating feel of power, and she will surely have a future. She has a show stopping chrarisma, but she can be stubborn. She can blow things out of purportion at times, but mostly, she handles things well. She has an amazing smile, a large chest, and a decent backside. She is short and a bit stockier, but she has a nice figure. Having an Alice in your life would be a blessing.
Alice is so awesome, but can be a bit much to handle.
by Johnnycashcakes October 24, 2014
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Alice has a beautiful smile that always shows in her eyes. Shes sexy, sensual, often known as a sex demon and will shock you in bed. A great lover.

Often has the most amazing body and great booty
Shes very kind and honest and enjoys making people happy and will always make you smile. She has an amazing personality and has great taste in music. She is incredible at art and dancing and has great rhythm and taste in music. She is shy and quiet at first but once you get to know everything about her, you will never be able to forget her. She is spiritual and open minded, with beautiful eyes and auburn hair. Lots of guys tend to fall for her,shes great fun to be around, weird and mad but a guy would be lucky to have her.
"Omg, thats Alice, daym ill never be able to get over that girl, shes one of a kind"
by coconut juice** October 13, 2014
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