A chiefly Morrisian portmanteau, evoking the spirit of a lady's faff, clacker or minge.
Go make my dinner, bitch, before I smack you up the twunt.
by TV Spunk January 30, 2003
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Someone who is so much of a twat, that they remain oblivious to the fact that they are a total cunt.
I swear some of these politician's are twunts.
by TheShaivite June 20, 2017
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The ultimate asshole! The term applies to both men and women. It is used when people willfully, do something so nasty, hurtful or stupid that instead of punching them…you call them TWUNTS.
You slept with my boyfriend!? You twunt!!!
by Urbanpervertnyc February 26, 2013
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As above, but Morris first appears to have used the term for his 'Time To Go Column' in the Observer newspaper under the pseudonym Richard Geefe.
And the editor of this paper brought flowers and chocolate from colleagues (and Lewis Wolpert's latest blubsheet from the biggest twunt in journalism who I have named here: if you don't see their name, it has been censored and our no-cuts agreement already lies in ruins).

('Time To Go',30/05/99)
by Norah February 24, 2006
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The combination of Twat and Cunt creating the ultimate degrading insult, Twunt. Statistically, women find this more insulting over men and many times will end in a slap to the face, but it was worth it. Right?

Some could find sexual uses with the word Twunt

See Twat and Cunt for further definition and understanding of such a powerful word.
God that bitch is such a Twunt..

Gonna get me some twunt tonight...

Nikki stop being such a twunt...
by Poobear & Princess January 13, 2011
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When simply being a twat isn't bad enough. A cunt and a twat combined. Reserved for the most heinous of bitches. Usually dirty, lying, lazy sluts.
by BlackMamba666 August 11, 2010
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To more than miss somebody. To miss somebody so much that I whole new word must be used to describe it.
by Gringo Turd burgler April 17, 2011
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