a noun, referring to someone who is neither a twat or a cunt, but a fifty-fifty mixture of both. Also, can be used as a term to describe a girl who is extremely moody due to the beginning of her menstrual cycle or a male who becomes extremely emotional while drinking.
"Damn, my girlfriend bitched at me all night long about not calling her last night while I was out getting smashed with my boys. I wish she would quit acting like such a twunt!"
by Ashleigh Guinn December 24, 2008
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Union of two glorious words, producing amusing bastard offspring with a general meaning similar to fuckwit. A neologism from 1997, courtesy of my ex-girlfriend's mother, who, whilst berating one of our friends, uttered the immortal words:
Bernard, you're such a fucking twunt.
by mistagorilla September 24, 2006
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Combination word - used when one does not like to call someone neither a twat or cunt, but wants to send the same message "appropriately". Best used in business settings and office atmospheres.
Why is she/he being such a twunt for?
by Laudez May 09, 2007
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The combined word of cunt and twat because you are not too much of a bastard to be called a cunt but you are enough of a bastard to not be called a twat. In essence you are a hybrid bastard or a twunt.
An example of a twunt is is the asshole that goes to the 10 items or less lane with 30 fucking cans of cat food and 9 other items 30 cans of the same item do not combine to create one fucking item.
by Big B 1234 August 11, 2010
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An individual who is a cunt on twitter.
"Did you see Paul's latest tweet?"
"Yeah, that guy is a complete twunt!"
by zciworpsak October 30, 2011
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twat cunt.
Of (surely enough...), British origin.
Stop twiddling the radio knob, you twunt!
by hytham_hammer August 01, 2005
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