A remix made by taking two different songs, usually by 2 seperate artists, and combining them into one.
Closer in da club (Nine Inch Nails: Closer, combined with 50 cents Up in da club)

One Step Closer/99 Problems (Linkin Park: One Step Closer, combined with Jay-z's 99 Problems)
by undergone May 15, 2005
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In gaming, the combination of multiple genres in one setting.
Shadowrun: mash-up of cyberpunk and high fantasy
Rifts: mash-up of cyberpunk, high fantasy, horror, post-holocaust, and new-age mysticism
Cthonian Space: mash-up the Cthulhu Mythos with space opera.
by akaramis December 24, 2010
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a mash-up is slang for a get together of similarly minded people so that they might partake in the consumption of drugs and/or alcohol. people on a mash-up get mashed.
mash-ups usually take place at night, but usually go on well in to the morning of the following day (they tend to wind down when the alcohol/drugs run out). unlike a cotch, mash-ups can take place anywhere, in or outside.
H: YOOOOO MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN, on for a phat mash-up tonight?

M: YEAAAAAAAH BLID, let me ring fattypants whitworth and the filthy pikey, see what they's sayin'

H: bring some shroooms blud

M: wouldn't be a mash-up without them
by mr 9" September 3, 2007
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v. To take elements of two or more pre-existing pieces of music and combine them to make a new song.
n. A song comprised of elements of two or more pre-existing pieces of music.
2. I'm in the middle of mashing-up songs by Tom Jones and Michael Jackson. (verb usage)

1. I'll play my mash-up of Tom Jones and Michael Jackson at the club tomorrow night. (noun usage)
by some1 August 8, 2003
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1. To take 2 completely different types of music and putting them together.

2. To completely destroy, wreck or mutilate.

3. A cacophony of the senses. Adj.
1. eg. Linkin' Park / Jay Z

2. eg. "His face was mash up after that fight".

3. eg. "That song was so mash up it gave me a nose bleed".
by FCB_87 May 11, 2006
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1. The act of mashing up. Getting drunk / high.

2. A term used to describe people associated with such actions, due to them being unable or unwilling to perform usual tasks.
1. wanna have a mash up tonight?
no, im too mashed.

2. you seen mark? he hasnt been in classes all day.
man, that guy is a total mash up.
by Stephen DeVincenzi February 3, 2008
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Opposite to 'Fix up' a saying bought to most people living out side London by Dizzee Rasscal. Mash up in London basically can be applied to anything that is broken/useless/shit
South West Trains should be called South West Mash Up Trains
by Hugh Janus September 16, 2004
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