also know as the Big Bertha Club...Rebbeca Moiza is the fat founder..she is also a rat...peace
dude are you going to the BBC tonight
nah girl i aint fat no more
by aLi and cYnThiA February 21, 2008
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Bitches Be Crazy. As in ALL Bitches Be Crazy! Also see BAS.
Kyle: Dude Jacky went off on me last night and started trowing shit all over!
Anthony: BBC!
by Death Trap July 11, 2010
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buy the domain for your cat vlog
Charles: (wakes up with symmetrical hickies on his neck from a night out)
Dave: bbc.

Charles: I didn't make out with her, she attacked my face with her mouth.
Dave: bbc.

Dave: why did she stop talking to you?
Charles: because I slept with her friend.
Dave: I don't follow
Charles: neither do I, bbc
by davez0rpance January 31, 2011
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GUY "Man I can't believe that chick just did that in front of everyone"

FRIEND "you know BBC"
by variakins July 24, 2012
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