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One who broadcasts their opinions too often.
We call her "BBC" cause she never shuts up.
by Damus July 21, 2010
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Bitches Be Crazy - pretty much all times when women are irrational
So my wife came home the other day, and since she had a lot of traffic, I didnt get a home cooked meal, BBC.

I tried to explain to my female friend that you cant just yell at a store clerk cause they look at you wrong, she didnt get it, BBC.
by WeAreJerks April 30, 2013
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Bitches Be Crazy..its a term all guys should know and follow. Even when you found a girl u think is perfect and may love. No matter what they are all fuckin crazy.
by Magic eightball April 20, 2009
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1. Bitches be crazy. Girls these days are dumb bitches. This phrase eliminates wasted time describing them.

2. Can be used as a pronoun instead of using a girl or group of girls' actual names.
1. Johnnee: Why doesn't this dumb bitch stop texting me. I gave her my number cuz I felt bad, and I never responded to her shit.

Chris: BBC, man.

2. a) Look at those BBCs over there. They could totally get it.

b) Are there gonna be BBCs there tonight?

c) That BBC wanted to suck me off so bad that she kept rubbing her stomach and saying "Feed me! Feed me!"
by JohnneeNChris October 18, 2011
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also know as the Big Bertha Club...Rebbeca Moiza is the fat founder..she is also a rat...peace
dude are you going to the BBC tonight
nah girl i aint fat no more
by aLi and cYnThiA February 21, 2008
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