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Caribbean-derived dance in which participants bend over backwards to pass under a stick or pole held by other dancers that is sequentially lowered with each pass.
"The limbo was invented by a Jew at a pay toilet."

"Protocols of the Elders of Zion for Dummies" (Magus Publications, 2004)
by Chance Wayne April 24, 2006

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Something unique and short-lived.

Etymology: The word comes from the Steagles team in the National Football League, which played for one season during World War Two.

In 1943, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers combined teams due because of an NFL contraction to eight teams caused by a lack of quality players due to armed services obligations. The consolidated team was officially called the Philadelphia-Pittsburgh Eagles-Steelers, but fans and sportswriters eschewed the awkward, run-on official name and dubbed the new fused team "The Steagles".

The Steagles played four games at Philadelphia's Shibe Park and two games at Pittsburgh's Forbes Field, going 5-4-1, the first winning record in the history of pro football in Philadelphia. In 1944, the Eagles went back to being their own team, while the Steelers merged with the Chicago Cardinals (converting back to singular status in 1945).

Thus, a "Steagle" is a one-year phenomenon, a unique, exciting event. It also symolizes something less than ideal that seemingly has become better through its idealization over time.
"Irvin Faust's novel 'The Steagle' (NY: Random House, 1966) is about an alienated English literature professor, a Walter Mitty-type who daydreams about war, old movies and professional sports. 'The Steagle,' which was made into an unsuccessful 1971 movie starring the nebbish Richard Benjamin, is about someone stuck in an idealized past."
by Chance Wayne April 18, 2006

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1. A former mill town on the Merrimack River that should have died after the fabled Amoskeag Mills, whose fabric ouput led to the city being dubbed "The "Cottonopolis of the World" in the first decades of the 20th Century, went bankrupt during the Great Depression, but somehow like a ghoulish vampire, the red-brick shithouse hangs on.

2. New England city, the largest north of Boston, that reportedly has more bars, gin mills, and licensed purveyors of strong waters, per capita, than any other city in the United States.

3. The "Queen City" of New Hampshire, which also ranks as the Marijuana Capital of New England, attracting buyers from all over, as the corrupt police force has a hand dealing and protection.

4. A cultural miasma famous for producing the McDonald's brothers, purveyors of the worst food in the world; Grace Metalious, author of the world's worst book "Peyton Place"; and Adam Sandler, the world's worst actor.

"Manchester, New Hampshire would rank as the asshole of the universe," Mr. Youch told his night class at the U.N.H. extension program, "but for one small detail."

"Wassthat?" Perk Pekins asked. I wasn't sure if Porky was leading Youch on or was just a world champion dumbass. I'd put my money on the latter.

"Wassthat?" Pekins asked again when Youch wasn't immediately forthcoming.

"Lewistown, Maine," the professor said in a stenorian tone.
by Chance Wayne April 17, 2006

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A pimp, an irresponsible ladies man, or any other form of related low-life who pockets his coin off of live female flesh.

Etymology: Coined usage, from "Whore" for prositute and "Meister," German for "Master."
Hugh Hefner is a real Whore Meister!

See also: Hefner, Whore Master
by Chance Wayne April 18, 2006

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Motion picture released on video in the early 1980s featuring actresses sporting superior posteriors who were partial to penetration per the poop-chute. Historically, "Sweet Ass: The Motion Picture" is the flick that started the anal sex video craze.
"'Hubert, go online and get me a copy of SWEET ASS: THE MOTION PICTURE, will ya baby?'

"'Yes, dear.'

"He might be pussy-whipped," Tess told the salesman, "but he BELONGS to me!" She hiked up her skirt and farted without shame, just like that. Cubby was appalled but knew he was closing in on the kill."

-- Henry Chinaski, "I Saw Mommy Fucking Santa Claus" (Black Sparrow Press, 1976)
by Chance Wayne April 18, 2006

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Noun. A flamboyant male homosexual.

(Portmanteau word coined from "Blow job" & "Show boat.")
"Sir Elton John is nothing but an ol' blow boat!" Keith Richards hissed during his recent press conference when asked about whether the Grammy & Oscar-winning songwriter would be composing a song for the upcoming Royal Wedding.
by Chance Wayne April 04, 2011

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n. A teenage bitch.

"Twunt" is portmanteau word blending the sounds and combining the meanings of the two words "tween" (a person who is twixt the age of 12 & 20) and "cunt" (vulgarism for the vagina often used to refer to a bad or nasty girl or woman).
Scarlett Johansson, talking to Gywneth Paltrow of the set of "Iron Man II," was overheard by a stringer for TMZ discussing how she had almost lost the role of "Natalie/Natasha" to Miley Cyrus.

Paltrow, recreating her turn as "Pepper Potts" in the sequel to the popular "Iron Man," reportedly was pissed that the younger Johansson had got higher billing. However, the two gals bonded over this catty/chatty moment.

"That's good that you got hired," Paltrow was overheard saying, "'cause I hear that that Miley Cyrus is a real twunt."
by Chance Wayne June 11, 2010

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