the dirty derogatory combination of two disgusting slang words for a womans vagina. (cunt & twat)
"did you hear that dirty twunt amber cheated on justin with his best friend..."
by jeanice April 03, 2008
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A mash-up of twat and cunt, used to insult. From the show 'Bad Education' on BBC 3. Others such as "Negitude" - a negative attitude.
Person 1 - "Did you hear about what he did!?"

Person 2 - "Yeah hes a total twunt"
by peoplesproblemsposter October 05, 2013
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a twat mixed with a cunt, pretty much an all around bitch...
"Dude look at Pat, he looks like such a twunt"
by the np crew October 06, 2007
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An amusing amalgam of twat and cunt, tending towards the meaning of the former.
Harnk, you're such a silly twunt
by realhandshandy January 27, 2003
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Twat and Cunt rolled into one! Someone you reeaally hate!
The perfect insult
Fuck you - you TWUNT
by AlisonAmber September 07, 2007
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n. A teenage bitch.

"Twunt" is portmanteau word blending the sounds and combining the meanings of the two words "tween" (a person who is twixt the age of 12 & 20) and "cunt" (vulgarism for the vagina often used to refer to a bad or nasty girl or woman).
Scarlett Johansson, talking to Gywneth Paltrow of the set of "Iron Man II," was overheard by a stringer for TMZ discussing how she had almost lost the role of "Natalie/Natasha" to Miley Cyrus.

Paltrow, recreating her turn as "Pepper Potts" in the sequel to the popular "Iron Man," reportedly was pissed that the younger Johansson had got higher billing. However, the two gals bonded over this catty/chatty moment.

"That's good that you got hired," Paltrow was overheard saying, "'cause I hear that that Miley Cyrus is a real twunt."
by Chance Wayne June 11, 2010
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A mixture between a twat and a cunt.

If your girl is worst than a twat but not as bad as a cunt you become angered and blurt out TWUNT!!!

Also can be used to refer to a male.

"I am gonna twunt punt you."

by Twuntaful January 13, 2009
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