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The virtual equivalent of mass telepathy: being able to read people's thoughts all at the same time, in different time zones.
Twitter is a God-sent tool that enables us to guage the mood of different peoples in different geographies, based on their rational and irrational tweets.
by MathPlus August 31, 2016
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A social media platform narcissistic presidents or politicians love to use to settle score with their counterparts from other countries, no matter the diplomatic costโ€”a subtle way to tell the other party to mind their own business.
President Trump used Twitter to tell UK Prime Minister not to comment on his controversial methods in exposing Islamic terrorism, but rather to focus on her partial failure in tackling the rise of the threat on her own soil.
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by MathPlus December 03, 2017
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A site that makes stalking effortless.
When checking twitter, i noticed that Cindy tweeted from her iPhone that she was shopping at Victoria's Secret. I think i'm going to go to the mall now. Maybe I can sneak a peek of her in the changing room.
by enisainwonderland April 28, 2009
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n. - the facebook "status" bar...without the rest of facebook.

v. - to waste your, my, and everyone else's time with dumbass updates that NO ONE needs to know, nor would EVER care to know.
"hey guys, i'm brushing my teeth and i didn't even have to boot up my computer to tell you! fuck yeah!"

"i farted. it was warm. it made me smile. :}"

" eating a cookie. now i can sleep well at night knowing you know this!!11!1!"

" on twitter...and i don't know what to say. PEACE, LOVE, AND TWITTER!"
by iamawordwhore April 26, 2009
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'T'ext of 'W'hat 'I'm T'hinking 'T'o 'E'veryone 'R'eading.

Online social social networking site. its what everyone over who is over 35 and trying to seem hip thinks that everyone under 25 is using. but they actually aren't.
i already have a facebook status, why would i need a twitter?

im too young to have a twitter.
by in case you didnt know April 06, 2009
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Social network domained mainly by the so called beliebers since every day there's a trending topic related to Justin Bieber. It is also a way for many people to enlarge their egos by the number of followers they have and how is bigger to the number of people they follow making them believe they're important.
Person 1: I have 65 followers in Twitter and I follow 100 people.
Person 2: I have 768 followers and I follow 76 people. I guess I'm a celebrity.
by Batmanfan1 January 04, 2012
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The most succesful unorginized social network in the world.
On Twitter I have to use an @ symbol to tag people, and it takes up part of my text allowance. What the fuck?
by uggson April 04, 2015
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