Ok, so Twitter is a social media app that people do social media stuff on. But this one is different than the others. This one is normally fine if you have a couple k followers, but if you get too popular you get a kind of cancer called "Stan's." When that happens people basically stalk you online. And if you say something controversial or political your entire social status will collapse in on itself and explode.
" Twitter is fucking cancer "
by Calvinator_lmao December 30, 2022
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possibly the most toxic app of 2021, NEVER go there unless you want to be degraded by 12 year old feminists
I went on Twitter yesterday and got “cancelled.”
by professional cheese eater June 23, 2021
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'T'ext of 'W'hat 'I'm T'hinking 'T'o 'E'veryone 'R'eading.

Online social social networking site. its what everyone over who is over 35 and trying to seem hip thinks that everyone under 25 is using. but they actually aren't.
i already have a facebook status, why would i need a twitter?

im too young to have a twitter.
by in case you didnt know April 6, 2009
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Its for Writing pointless shit (Sometimes even about you shitting) and put #followedbyasentencewithno​spacesforsomeunknownfuckin​gpointlessreasonthatjustin​furiates.
Twitter User: Just sitting on the loo. #Sinkslikealog
by Anthonytats January 24, 2012
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A really bad micro-blogging service made to give people with no life the illusion that people care that "They had a bannana for breakfast" or something...
Stan: Do you have twitter?

Lee: No. It sucks.
by blu3wat3r May 23, 2010
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a social media app where everybody is so damn dramatic and cancels everything, even over the smallest shit.
OMG, Kaykay is sharing a picture of her spitting her $20 sushi out! Lemme tell all the Twitter users to ban her for being so ungreatful!!!
by HotCheetoFingerz December 9, 2020
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