Its for Writing pointless shit (Sometimes even about you shitting) and put #followedbyasentencewithno​spacesforsomeunknownfuckin​gpointlessreasonthatjustin​furiates.
Twitter User: Just sitting on the loo. #Sinkslikealog
by Anthonytats January 24, 2012
Twitter is a website primarily used for three things:

1.) A website that allows it's subscribers to surround themselves with only people (followers) who agree with them and their point of view, which protects them from any dangerous level of critical thinking, or challenge to their worldview.

2.) A website where people log on to discover what is going on in the world that they should be offended or outraged by, regardless if this person, event or news has any real effect on them. Twitter provides regular updates to what is trending so people can be outraged and offended by something new about every five to ten minutes.

3.) This site is also used to dispatch one's very important thoughts and opinions on subjects or events, regardless of one's qualifications and/or knowledge on particular subjects or events. These, usually unfounded, opinions are then validated by like-minded strangers with "likes".
Example 1: I blocked this guy on Twitter because he was mansplaining to me the fallacy behind the "wage gap". Who does he think he is challenging my point of view like that?

Example 2: *wakes up* I wonder what's up on a Twitter. *logs into Twitter account* WHAT? I can't believe they are drilling a pipeline there! WHAT ABOUT PEOPLE!?!?! *three minutes later* Tweets: "George Bush Sr touched someone's butt decades ago!? OUTRAGEOUS! DISGUSTING #MeToo" *five minutes later* There was a shooting in Arkansas! When will we get serious about gun control! AHHHHHH!! etc.
by makazen January 31, 2018
A type of venom that humans evolved in 2006. It only effects those who also evolved Twitter. Those who use this venom are very anti-social and the venom has the added effect of "cancelling" others of higher social status. When one uses twitter they begin to become irritable and irrational. One sentence can lead to the entire horde using the venom to try to defame them. This has led many to commit self cancelation which the bullies then mourn about or encourage.
Person 1: What happened to Mike?

Person 2: He got twittered

Person 1: Sad
by ShirleyBoysHighSchool March 21, 2022
A form of chatline for social media "experts" to add thousands of random strangers and wank off to impress other social media "experts" by posting links to articles about the phenomenon of social media
Dave went on Twitter hoping to find interesting people and read amusing things but instead was deluged by nine thousand social media "experts" who bored the living shit out of him until his iPhone exploded/his brain imploded.
by twitted_off February 5, 2009
Twitter is a site for pathetic people who think that every moronic brainfart deserves to be shared.
Twit: I just told everyone on Twitter that I'm not sure what to have for lunch.

Workmate: Why? On second thoughts don't tell me. I don't care.
by Barney Who-Ah April 18, 2011
A really bad micro-blogging service made to give people with no life the illusion that people care that "They had a bannana for breakfast" or something...
Stan: Do you have twitter?

Lee: No. It sucks.
by blu3wat3r May 23, 2010
Socially condoned stalking.
Everyone knows where I am at every second of every single day thanks to Twitter...Which is great because I'm SOOO important...God Bless Tweets!!!!
by Dionysus101 May 26, 2009