A stupid site for stupid people with no friends, who think everyone else gives a shit what they're doing at any given time.
Also lacks the functionality of other social networking sites, not that it matters because just like Twitter all those sites suck anyway.

Twitter is for twats.
by molecule802.11 April 9, 2009
a social media app where everybody is so damn dramatic and cancels everything, even over the smallest shit.
OMG, Kaykay is sharing a picture of her spitting her $20 sushi out! Lemme tell all the Twitter users to ban her for being so ungreatful!!!
by HotCheetoFingerz December 9, 2020
Some random person: I love Twitter, you should join, too!
Me: Fuck no, I ain't joining that rotten, headache-inducing, utter shithole.
by PhoenixGamer34 May 9, 2021
A website that, for some reason. Has users that act racist, and then call the people who question them racists themselves.
I hate Twitter. Its just a cesspool of idiots.
Person 1: "Hey, man, I was on Twitter last night, and-"
Person 2: "Twitter?"
Person 1: "Yeah."
Person 2: "Dude, I don't think we can be friends anymore."
by edasenaz May 14, 2010
A website that allows self obsessed people to tell what their doing in 140 words or less. Its a piece o' shit.
I'm in a meeting, listening to people talk about projected stocks for our company in the coming year.

Who gives an F ing crap if you're in a meeting. Twitter is really lame.
by Quazimodo tre tousand May 30, 2009
The gap between a womans TWAT and SHITTER. The female equivelent of the BARSE. NO MANS LAND.
by Edddiee P February 18, 2009