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A bunch of zoomers trying to act like millennials on the internet in the 2000s and failing hard.
Heyuri is full of zoomers.
by bgfbhfhfgghnfhfhffh March 23, 2023
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Short for "involuntary celibate"

A person who is not in a relationship nor has had sex in a significant amount of time, despite numerous attempts.

Similar to Robots incels are often misogynistic and feel lonely because of their lack of sexual/romantic experience.

However, while there is an overlap between Robots and incels the difference is that incels are completely sex/gf obsessed and make that apart of their identity.

While Robots complain about their lack of sexual/romantic experience but also focus on other things and you don't have to be a virgin to be an incel whereas all Robots are virgins with no gfs.
by bgfbhfhfgghnfhfhffh December 14, 2022
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