what goes on at a certain central bergen county high school involving teachers giving answer keys on tests and the constant yelling of "jizz, waste and dildo"
It might snow in Detroit, so daycare is cancelled for today.
by Barry G. March 23, 2004
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Name given to someone who dates somebody far below the legal age of consent.
Guy 1: Dude Daycare hows it going
Guy 2: Really Guys, cmon you know my name is Jonathan South
Guy 1: You mean the same one from University of Maryland College Park
Guy 3: How's the girlfriend when does she get out from pre-school
by Cum 5 (2007-08) April 28, 2008
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Where domatrix people learn how to dominate
“Hey how’s daycare?”
Get on your knees slut
by Dickwish January 26, 2020
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Trainer: Time to check my Pokemon at the Pokemon daycare!

Daycare Man: Oh hey!!! Your Pokemon had an egg! We don't know where it came from though.


Daycare lady: Oh God... MY EYES ARE BURNING!!!!!!!!!!!!! *watches in horror as a Gardevoir and Gallade have sex*
by Rpgluvr13 July 9, 2017
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When you're with a chick that's crazy, but she watches your kid while you're at work. The sex is great, so you don't feel the need to go to your backup plan just yet.

Similar to a Bangmaid
Guy 1- "Why are you still with that crazy bitch?"
Guy 2-"She's cheaper than a babysitter"
Guy 1- "So it's a dick for daycare situation?"
Guy 2- "Pretty much"
by Roscoe Moist December 4, 2016
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A rude uncaring prick that acts like you are there just to serve them. They assume you have no life and love to watch their brats for little money. They think you shouldn't mind if they are late or rude.
The dumb daycare parent was late again today picking up and conviently forgot to pay me.
by Queen1969 December 9, 2005
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The often recurring general sickness that daycare children get from age zero to 2 years - which keeps their nose constantly running. Daycare lung typically disappears after two years when the child has built up an immunity to most germs known to mankind.
I'll be working from home tomorrow again - Madelin's daycare lung is acting up for the third time this month and she has been banned from school until her fever breaks.
by TiredDad October 5, 2009
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