greater then 5
that guy is many stoopids
by pooner January 07, 2004
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1) there are many things in this room
by LINE February 15, 2003
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Not many, quat, sometimes none or lats.
I like you many times.

I've many done my Textbook Steve outers.
by Boys March 19, 2005
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Another name for an obnoxious/ignorant person from the Dominican Republic.
Nicho - "The back of the bus is always crowded with loud mani mani(s)!"
Sheen " They're so obnoxious!"
by respectmycrippinb April 18, 2019
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Mani that type of person u want to be with fiver in your life they are loyal freaky and full of surprises but they are little softy’s
Omg I wish I had a friend like mani
by bilyy o 52 May 29, 2019
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When someone asks a question that requires a numbered response, you hold up your middle finger and say "This Many."
John, how many STD's do you have?

This Many
by George W Lush February 07, 2011
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