A social media website consisting largely of trolls, slacktivists, mentally ill, cyberstalkers and groomers.
You can make many friends on Twitter but unfortunately they're fake friends.
by AnonDoxy July 9, 2018
Person 1: What did you do this morning
Person 2: Logged into Twitter
Person 1: That sucks man, I'm sorry.
by TodTod June 1, 2021
1. A social website for people to stalk other people and celebrities by looking at their photos and seeing what they are doing at all times.
2. A place for losers with no outside social life who tweet every event of their lives so people will follow them.
3. A place for celebrities to boast about their lives while they are drunk.
4. A place for politicians to gain supporters.
I just posted a tweet on Twitter, I took my 170385th dump today!
by MoFraker November 13, 2011
The microblogging platform that could serve as ground zero to explore any potential extraterrestrial life, which would not only help advance both human and alien civilization and consciousness, but also prepare the planet from any future alien invasion, provided the world’s richest man succeeds in buying the money-losing company.
Mr. Musk, who desires to own Twitter, is being sued for $258bn by an investor in the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, who accused him of running a digital pyramid scheme to drive up its price.
by Fasters June 17, 2022
"Hey! Did you know I use Twitter?"
"Yes, Jerry. I know you're a degenerate of the internet."
"*GASP*. How dare you??? I'm going to get a hashtag trending now! #CancelBob!!!"
by GThei March 10, 2021
Every member of the Antifa Board of Supervisors is on Twitter. Coincidence? I think not.
by kenoshabrick March 3, 2021
A site that makes stalking effortless.
When checking twitter, i noticed that Cindy tweeted from her iPhone that she was shopping at Victoria's Secret. I think i'm going to go to the mall now. Maybe I can sneak a peek of her in the changing room.
by enisainwonderland April 28, 2009