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There are respectable Atheists, and then there are Reddit Atheists. These fedora-loving shower-allergic greasy womanless creatures think they have all the answers to life in the name of “SCIENCE” *pushes up taped up glasses*. They see themselves as intellectually superior and frown upon religious people for living a happy life. Meanwhile they are locked up in their parents basement masturbating to pictures of anime girls. Despite their allegiance to atheism and r/atheism (Reddit thread where Reddit atheists gather to have an orgy over their beliefs to which they think are objectively right), you can find them looking for a fight/debate pretty much anywhere where God is brought up. It is very apparent that they don’t believe in respectful civil conversation. Their style of discourse is similar to that of a chess match, as they, in a sense, are trying to “checkmate” what they see as the opposition (the Christian). Watching a Christian video? Uplifting video about Faith/spirituality/God? Watch out. Reddit Atheists will crawl out of the woodwork to argue behind a keyboard with you, never face to face though, because they lack basic social skills and hygiene required to attract human contact.
“Im a Reddit Atheist, I hate Christians with a burning passion unlike any other. If it was up to me, I would publicly execute them all for merely existing. I am smart, so much smarter than you. I know I am because I’m an Atheist. That automatically makes me smarter than you. I’m sorry, it’s just the way it works. Do you watch Rick and Morty? No? That doesn’t surprise me, It’s ok. Not everyone possesses the genius level IQ that I do. And yeah, maybe you can attract the opposite sex and not repulse them, but at least I have what I believe to be all the answers to life. That’s more valuable. So yeah, you’ve just been rekt by a member of r/Atheist and a follower of the Council of Big Chungus Keanu Reeves Wholesome 100 epic T-pose Gang. Thanks for the Gold kind stranger, *tips fedora*”
by WonderVision January 20, 2021
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Hell. Nothing more. It is the only way to describe it. It is the domain to some of the worst type of human beings on the planet. Filled to the brim with losers who spew insults online because they most likely wouldn’t dare say it in their real life. Shielded by their screen, they hurl hurtful rhetoric to anyone who disagrees with them, because, haven’t you heard? This is 2021! Respectfully disagreeing? Nonsense! Twitter is the birthplace of some of the most ridiculous ideologies such as #cancelculture and #killallmen. These ideas are birthed there, linger there, and are kept alive by the mentally ill who inhabit the platform. Oh, and one more thing......

Guy 1: I’m thinking about getting twitter.
Guy 1: Oh shut up, what’s the worst that could happen? I’m getting it.

*1 week later*
Guy 1: Hey, how you been doing brother?
Guy 2: did you just call me brother and not my gender pronoun of Emperor Zurg invader of the galactic empire? #cancelled. It’s the ✨transphobia✨ for me.

Guy 1: what the actual fuck.
Guy 2: It’s ok, you can be a 💅Nazi💅, just admit to it. I bet you even supported the orange man 🤬🤬🤬. #staythefuckawayfrommecheckkkk. #straightwhitemalealert. #justlostmybestfriend #but who needs friends when I can hide behind a profile picture of someone who doesn’t even know of my existence yet i dedicate mine to theirs.
by WonderVision January 24, 2021
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God’s greatest creation. It’s a true shame that they live such short lives, as they brighten everyone’s day by showing unmatched affection no matter who you are or what you’ve done.
“I can have a rough day of work, but I’m instantly uplifted when I see my dogs. They will ALWAYS cheer me up.
by WonderVision January 26, 2021
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