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The purest little animals that swim around in large cuboids filled with water. When it comes to goldfish, opinions are rather polarising - there are really only two types of people: those who have an undying love and experience monomania towards those creatures, and those who openly dislike them as think that they're boring little lumps that open and close their mouths.

Far too often, they are portrayed in unfunny Youtube videos as memeable and clumsy things who only exist for the human race to laugh at.

its time to stop.
Far too often, goldfish are treated as though they're nothing more than entities that exist for us to laugh at.
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by vocharuu May 06, 2020
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Someone with an extremely short memory, or one who is extremely absentminded.

Derives from the evolutionary defense mechanism of the American Goldfish in order to stave off insanity due to boredom: "wow look at that pretty plastic tree"... "wow look at that pretty plastic tree"... "wow look at that pretty plastic tree"
"Damn...That Sue never learns... She just does the same dumb shit over and over again like a goldfish."
by SueLowe October 09, 2005
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Fish-shaped crackers that are baked, not fried.
Dat bitch's gonna pop yo punk ass because yo ate dems GoldFish, yo .
by ALLAH January 12, 2004
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Someone with a memory of 7 seconds or less, as defined by the legendary Monty Python.
Goldfish 1: Hey, look at that castle!
Goldfish 2: What's a castle?
Goldfish 1: I don't know, why d'you ask?
Goldfish 2: Ask what?
Goldfish 1: Hey, look at that castle!
by Jennicam January 20, 2009
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