n. One who attempts to kill the Buzz. A Buzzkill.
"Let's go to the party."

"Nah man, I'm a little tired."
"Don't be such a Zurg".
by Pkayn September 6, 2010
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Used in gaming for a attack of many unskilled units on a difficult target.
From "The Last Starfighter" a movie from 1984 which had a villian named "Xur" or "Zur". (The villian utilized massed forces which would swamp defenders and the heros could defeat in numbers) The benefit of this strategy is a superior unit or units can only eliminate a certain number of attackers at the same time allowing enough of the attackers to survive, do damage and hopefully defeat the defender or get around it. A classic "horde" or "wave" type attack.
"We Zurged the guardian of Orion with our fleet of fighters" or "We Zurged Stormwind with 250 low levels to get inside the gates"
by Tinker April 21, 2005
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to zurge = to pleasure oneself ( satisfy the urge )
I zurged myself in the shower this morning
by thewikiman March 20, 2011
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1. a word to finish a sentance.

2. an act of some form of abuse

3. a threat

4. the evil villain in toy story
1. 'wow, i feel like i could just die, zurg."

2. "michael didn't do his job properly, so we zurged him."

3. "hurry up or i'll zurg you!"
by impromptude_syndrome June 25, 2011
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A Brain-boost. It is a unique experience that protects and supports your competitive brain and help you take on your everyday challenges. Improvement of cognitive function, memory, and reduced brain fog.
I need a ZURGE before I start my day and tackle my long To Do list!
by Brain Changer March 30, 2023
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