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Hey man did ya hear about the bombing in Syria the other day?

Yeah, they caught 'em too. Turns out they were all blood related, but the husband wasn't the father

Fuckin' inbred towel heads
by Blackett412 July 22, 2010
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The home of the world's best terrorist and oppressors, renowned for creating problems in neighboring countries (Lebanon, Iraq ...) and mass murdering people.
1: I am from Lebanon
2: Huh, Syria didn't kill you yet!
by jnoun April 17, 2007
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A country that is controlled by a family of dictators, it is boring and usless, and is stealing tourism from the great country of LEBANON, it also smells.
"Hey have you heard of syria"
"didn't think so"
by LEBANESEROCK April 11, 2005
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please don't think ow of this country because, just because Syria is known for "bombing", they only do it to protect. YOU PEOPLE THINK SO LOW, HAVE YOU BEEN TO SYRIA?! NO, YOU HAVNT BECAUSE YOU JUDGE TOO QUICKLY, I hate this... getting teased about having an Arab backround, not all people are bad. and anyways who started the war in Syria?! The US DID, SYRIA DIDNT DO SHIT...
dude 1: all Arabs are bombers

dude 2: all Germans are nazis

dude 3: all Indians are stinky


syria is a good country just trying to protect
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by syria March 11, 2019
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Syria is a name and I'm not joking my actual name is Syria on my birth paper's it says Syria gray.
Mom: get your ass downstairs and wash the dishes right now!

Syria as a real life name.
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by Syria&the end June 02, 2018
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Syria is a country where the same president is elected over and over with 99.99% of votes despite the fact that over 70% of the population hate him.
husband: our activities are monitored 24/7 by our neighbor.
Wife: sure, we are living in the way don't forget to keep the portrait of the president hanged in the living room.
by anonimouz1 May 27, 2011
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Home to the "Syrian Uprising" between the Syrian Army- under rule of President Bashar al-Assad, and the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces. The war has claimed 100,000+ lives in the 2 and a half years since its start. France, Britain, the U.S.A and various other Sunni countries are backing the rebels, while Russia has trained Syrian Army soldiers while claiming they support neither side. Chemical weapons have been largely involved, despite the fact France, Britain and the U.S had warned against the use of them. August 21st 2013, it was claimed that the Syrian Army used chemical weapons against civilians in attacks near Damascus. There were multiple reports, ranging from 500~ to nearly 1,500. There in ongoing controversy aimed at President Barack Obama, as he warned against chemical weaponry, but didn't respond to it decisively, and chose to seek Congressional approval for military attacks on Syria by way of warships in the Mediterranean.

Syria isn't the "paradise" it was almost a decade ago.
by NecromanciCat September 02, 2013
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