She is very smart & honest with everyone. She has a heart of gold & she loves hard so if you ever broke her heart you gonna really really regret it !. Shes a cutie shes sexy & just amazingly beautiful. Shes the girlfriend you always wanted , NEVER let her go even if shes just a friend. Her mindset is so ahead you could never fool her. Shes lowkey quiet , REAL ,but she doesnt fuck with too many. she is a free soul. She has soo many talents never get fooler by one of hers. Shes just a sparkle in youre life. She has swag & she loves music. The vibe you cant find in any other girl shes diffrent from everyone else & doesnt likes to fit in. Syria is the girl god will send you ! She may just be the one for you stay focused on her. She was born to be A STAR so keep watching.
Is that syria 😍
Its something about syria , man 😩
Syria is my sunshine
by Kindaright March 13, 2017
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please don't think ow of this country because, just because Syria is known for "bombing", they only do it to protect. YOU PEOPLE THINK SO LOW, HAVE YOU BEEN TO SYRIA?! NO, YOU HAVNT BECAUSE YOU JUDGE TOO QUICKLY, I hate this... getting teased about having an Arab backround, not all people are bad. and anyways who started the war in Syria?! The US DID, SYRIA DIDNT DO SHIT...
dude 1: all Arabs are bombers

dude 2: all Germans are nazis

dude 3: all Indians are stinky


syria is a good country just trying to protect
by syria March 11, 2019
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Syria is the most beautiful country in the entire world, with the most delicious food and humble people. Unfortunately there is a Civil war in Syria right now, some areas are destructed, but many remain as beautiful as they have always been. Syria and its people are always judged and called “terrorists” because most people nowadays are close minded, uneducated, and judgmental. Everyone who has ever lived, visited, or known Syria knows how beautiful the place truly is, like no other.
Person 1: I miss living in Syria. I had my happiest days best childhood memories there.
Person 2: Really man?? Isn’t it all bombed and shii.
Person 1: Unfortunately some areas are, but many aren’t and tourists should start visiting it! It’s really beautiful and historic!
Person 2: Damn bro, i want to visit Syria one day.
Person 1: You’ll absolutely love it.
by SyrianKing November 26, 2019
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Home to the "Syrian Uprising" between the Syrian Army- under rule of President Bashar al-Assad, and the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces. The war has claimed 100,000+ lives in the 2 and a half years since its start. France, Britain, the U.S.A and various other Sunni countries are backing the rebels, while Russia has trained Syrian Army soldiers while claiming they support neither side. Chemical weapons have been largely involved, despite the fact France, Britain and the U.S had warned against the use of them. August 21st 2013, it was claimed that the Syrian Army used chemical weapons against civilians in attacks near Damascus. There were multiple reports, ranging from 500~ to nearly 1,500. There in ongoing controversy aimed at President Barack Obama, as he warned against chemical weaponry, but didn't respond to it decisively, and chose to seek Congressional approval for military attacks on Syria by way of warships in the Mediterranean.

Syria isn't the "paradise" it was almost a decade ago.
by Reality Fee V September 2, 2013
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A country in the Middle East that could actually be beautiful if ISIS an Assad weren’t there. Damascus is one of the oldest civilizations on earth.
“Yo i wanna take a trip to Syria”
“Isn’t that a terrorist place”
“Not if ISIS and Assad didn’t exist”
by Thrustmaster20 February 24, 2020
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Next target for that Wankstain Bush, unless that is you yanks wake up and oust the inbred motherfucker in the 2004 election. That really would change my opinion of yanks, so much so that i'd probably start calling you Americans.
Bush: Syria must co-operate with the United States and is not allowed WMD's.

Rest of World: Fuck off Bushtard!!
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