Oh... I miss you...
I can't describe how much....
I love seeing you...
You are telling me...
I would like to talk to you...
You have it figured out....
I know you do....;-)
I Love you so much...
You make me smile...
all the time...
I want to make you smile...♥️
by Wanderlust_721 February 17, 2023
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The maximum number of characters allowed in a tweet, which is a single message on the Twitter social network.

This 140 character limit has given rise to a twitter-based expression derived from 411. "The 411" being a phrase that means "information," "summary," or "low-down," 140 is the Twitter equivalent. You could say "The 140" is the twitter equivilant of "the Reader's Digest version;" it's the summary or gist of something that can fit within the bounds of a tweet.
Charlie: @Echo Hey, did you hear about that newfangled thing?
Echo: @Charlie No, I didn't. What's the 140?
Charlie: @Echo It's harder better faster stronger!
by RyaMer June 29, 2009
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A sex act in which an orgy of people make a circle of hand jobs and blowjobs, satisfying everyone at the same time. can also be accomplished with three or more participants. Although, if it is less then 140 participants, its not the 'ole 140, and will be reffered to as the blue 140. If it is more than 140, it is reffered to as "Chuck Norris on a slow day"
Jim:Dude, I heard Sally just 140 with your brother and his freinds
Joe:THAT BASTARD, ill show him, i'll do the Canada's History on his girlfriend.
by CookieGum February 25, 2010
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A voting election was rigged in Russia so that it appeared that 140% of the population voted... So it became an internet meme.
"In Russia, 70% is a fail."

"Russian alcohol is 140%."

"In Russia, Prime Minister vote for you."

"140% Russia"
by Megannator December 15, 2011
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If it exists, it has a twitter account; This includes inanimate objects, pets, and general life forms that have no business communicating, let alone microblogging.
Fuck ya, my dog has a twitter account! Rule 140 man, Rule 140.
by Tristessa_27 November 30, 2009
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Rule 140: Nobody reads Twitter feeds.
Hipster: Hey, my dog’s stuffed pet’s ear has a Twitter feed!
Other people: Rule 140! Nobody cares!
by BAReF00t January 23, 2010
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Ps 140 is one of many schools NYC that sucks ass. ps 140 includes mostly stupid and shit talking students. Very low standards
Damn girl ps 140 must be making your asshole jealous”
“Because your talking a lot of shit”
by Fugurweeeee October 7, 2019
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