When you Twitter while taking a dump.
First thing in the morning I am usually trumping. I like to multitask and get the most out of my time.
by Stacc 512 December 24, 2018
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A long-winded self-aggrandizing statement/speech that has no basis in truth, facts or reality, presented to a friendly crowd or docile captive audience, in place of a prepared statement/speech. Such statements/speeches are usually characterized by exaggerations, half-truths or outright lies, and the hauling of insults at perceived enemies or opponents of the speaker.
Pal: Is he reading from his prepared statement?
Fun: No, he's trumping! He abandoned the prepared statement after two minutes!!
by m-fun October 30, 2019
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Taking a Trump is diarrhea, but, when you make it to the toilet, pants halfway down, it goes all over the place and you sit down because you aren't through.
I would've made it to work on time but I was, "trumping," and had to go to the store covered in sh*t to get bleach.
by XXroflcakes May 25, 2017
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1). Saying an outrageous lie.

2). Lying

3). Acting outrageously while lying like a crazy person.
Trumping "You a trumpin son of a bitch!" Trump "Girl, dont you trump to me!" Trumping or to trump "Boy, you be trumpin!"
by BD! March 14, 2018
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Doing something incredibly stupid for completely selfish reasons that are meant to harm or neglect others to get the approval of assholes.
He mixed his own poop in the cake batter for his ex-s wedding because his buddy told him it would be funny? That douchebag is just trumping everything in his life, isn't he?
via giphy
by Dark Dave June 04, 2019
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