(Verb, To go to the store) Referring to the youtube video, "Going To The Store", where a claymation man seemingly has an epileptic fit whilst walking down the street, accompanied by a jaunty tune. If you say someone "Went to the store", it means they committed an act of insanity or clumsiness that results in people openly asking, "What the ACTUAL fuck, did I just see?"
"Dude, Mr. Goldsmith totally went to the store on us in metalwork last block."

"Hahaha, When you tripped, it looked like you were going to the store, bro!"

"You look like you're going to the store whenever you run, no offense"

"I know, I totally go to the store whenever I drink, I'm such a flail."
by RascallyRabbit September 12, 2011
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Going To The Store Is The Worst Video Ever.
Lily: Hey, Have You Watched The Worst Video Ever? It's Called ''Going To The Store''.
Ava: OK. What's It About?
Lily: Well, It's About This Naked & Bald Guy Walking Around, & It Also Looks Like That His Arms & Legs Are Limp Noodles. He Does This Over & Over Again & At The End, He's Squirming On The Stairs Instead Of Walking Up The Steps. There's Also A Sign That Says No Doing What He's Doing On The Stairs.
Ava: Did He Go To The Store?
Lily: No. That's It.
Ava: Let Me See The Video So That I Know What You Mean. . Goes On Her Computer & Watches Going To The Store On YouTube . O.O Oh, NOW I See What You Mean, Lily! This IS The Worst Video Ever!
Lily: I Told You!
by Handle Here August 9, 2018
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Masturbating with food, usually ham or a melon of some sort
Dude 1: Man, my hand just aint cutting it!

Dude 2: Whenever I need relief I just oull the ol' "going to the store"

Dude 1: you are disgusting... yet brilliant
by App13 December 8, 2009
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This is what you dad says when he’s about to leave you.
Person one: hey man why are you so sad
Person two: my dad said he was going to the grocery store

Person one: *silence*
by John Hugo November 17, 2019
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A shortened phrase, part of Canadian and Upper Midwestern dialects. It is (very) short for "I'm going to go to the store" where store can be replaced with any place, such as the mall or a movie theater.

Used by Canadians and more rural Upper Midwesterners, who are known for making phrases shorter so they are easier to say.
Yooper: "Imunna go store. Need much?"

Tourist relative, unaware of the Midwestern dialect: "huh?"

Yooper: "I'm gonna head to da store, 'ja need anything?"

Tourist relative: "No, I'm fine, thank you"
by Archigan October 30, 2023
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