1. (v) - to deny that you said something in the past even though you have, in fact, said it many times before.

2. (v) - to completely change your previously-held opinion on something, especially when said something affects you.
Person #1: HA! You've been saying the Bears would beat the Packers all week, and look what happened! You lost!

Person #2: Nope. I never said that.

Person #1: Oh, are you Trumping with me now, man? You've said it 50 times!


Donald Trump stated back in 2012 that the Electoral College was a disaster for America and that it should be changed, but he sure loved it when it helped him win the election in 2016. Classic Trumping.
by OfThisGeneration December 06, 2016
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shitting your pants and then walking around and denying that you shit your pants even though everyone can clearly tell that you shit your pants, and if anyone accuses you of shitting your pants, you tell them that in fact THEY shit your pants and that this part of some conspiracy against you to fill your pants with shit even though you're simultaneously claiming that there is in fact no shit in your pants. Then, out of misplaced loyalty, about 1/3rd of people convince themselves that somehow you're not obviously lying to everyone and so you then tell these foolish people that it's actually chocolate in your pants and then make them eat your shit in front of you
Person one: what the fuck is that smell?
Person two: ugh somebody's trumping
by J-coke da killa March 03, 2019
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The act of posting on Twitter while taking a dump.
I just saw my ex in the bar so now I'm trumping in the ladies room hoping he will leave soon!
by Gohogsgirl January 13, 2017
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Tearing down the accomplishments or character of others in an attempt to bolster your own.
Donny was a master at trumping those who were more noteworthy around him in order to make himself feel more important. After all, the best way to build the highest building is to tear down all those skyscrapers around it first. Even if it's only 3 stories high, it's now the tallest.
by SoTheSayingGoes July 26, 2017
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fucking up worse than anyone thought possible, even when everything had been going your way for your entire life leading up to this point.
If anything he was guilty of trumping his opportunity with the super model.
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by captaincanada84 January 29, 2017
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1. (v) - To tell a lie when you know that it's a lie. When proven lies are called "alternative facts" for the purpose of fooling the ignorant masses.
Being defined: "The President just said that he had the greatest crowd ever at his inaugural ceremony, wow...he must be trumping again!"
by GOTTOBEWILL August 30, 2017
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(verb) to destroy integrity & instill hate and anger; to act based on ignorance & bigotry. Without merit or intelligence.
We know Donald was trumping because his lips were moving
by 1Woman October 27, 2018
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