a kinder, gentler expression for "breaking up," but even more useful because it can be applied to any relationship, from a 20-year marriage to five-month lover, a three-week fling, or that person you've been stalking for the past nine days.
E: You look happy.
J: I just had it out with Julio. I'm so moving on.
E: But Julio's a great guy. Maybe you should rethink that.
J: And maybe you should tongue my poop chute.
by JohnnyAZ June 03, 2006
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Jump out of the troublesome stuffs and go on with your life; Stop to go on making a happy living from all the pains that you had.
After breaking up, I move on cuz life is still full of hopes for me.
by *Iris* June 09, 2006
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A way of asking what the next objective is.

1. What are we going to do?

2. What's next?

3 . What's the plan?
by Asher3 February 13, 2014
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Similar to "it's a thing" or "it's a good idea" but flows much better.
"It's a move to grab pizza after work?" "Nah, not a move. I'm on a diet, remember?" "What about sushi, hm?" "Definitely a move! I'm so down."
by BV69BV June 07, 2017
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refers to the effect a woman at work has on a man's penis. The result of which could lead to sexual harassment law suits.
Lindy, I thought about you last night and I must say "it moved."
by UBS Sucks Guy September 30, 2009
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