Lurking behind someone very creepily. Possibly even breathing down their neck.
You better back the **** up and stop trumping me, Donold!
by OhEmGee333 September 15, 2017
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1. (v) - To tell a lie when you know that it's a lie. When proven lies are called "alternative facts" for the purpose of fooling the ignorant masses.
Being defined: "The President just said that he had the greatest crowd ever at his inaugural ceremony, wow...he must be trumping again!"
by GOTTOBEWILL August 30, 2017
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(verb) to destroy integrity & instill hate and anger; to act based on ignorance & bigotry. Without merit or intelligence.
We know Donald was trumping because his lips were moving
by 1Woman October 27, 2018
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Answering any question with an answer solely about oneself.
That egotistical asshole was just trumping though the entire interview and didn’t give us any useable information.
by Blacknight58 January 13, 2020
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Trying to explain things you know absolutely nothing about.
Person 1: Mental health isn't important to anyone. They just need to suck it up.

Person 2: Stop Trumping. You're a car salesman, not a psychiatrist.
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by BlueMarket_35 March 18, 2020
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When a human being with a blonde wig and to much tan, says 'I don't wear a wig or spray on tan' then they would be TRUMPING
YO! Jimmy, why you always TRUMPING bruh!

Jenny, I better not catch you TRUMPING again or your grounded

Hey, Johnny you look like your TRUMPING bro! Don't use so much tan
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by Thepudjiking November 27, 2016
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Making an assertion or argument based on a gut-feeling, suspect information, or incomplete information. Most often used when the individual who has been "Trumping" is incorrect (partially or incompletely) in their assertion or argument.
Daniel told me that the term "Black Friday" has racist roots, but he was just "Trumping." The article where got his information has been debunked by numerous sources.
by Dr.Mark December 20, 2017
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