to bluff your way into a job position you are severely unqualified for.
I didn't think he was able to trump his way into presidency of the United States.
by champignon December 26, 2016
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Trumping is a combination of jumping on a trampoline naked after losing at beer pong or any other drinking game. Daring someone to trump is also good for a game of truth or dare. To trump an individual must be intoxicated and to make it more intense it is recommended the person take a shot before or while trumping.
After Bob and Lee did not make a single shot during the game of beer pong they had to trump.

During truth or dare Sam was dared to trump.
by trumpet2 July 29, 2010
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Basically the two options of an immigrant to get fucked by the orange species of human kind, aka. Trumpinator:
1. Getting banned
2. Marring him

Either way you're screwed.
Greg: Dude why tf is Melania Trump still married to this scumbag?
Paul: Man, it's trumped or trumped

Rip af Melina
by HugeCockLittleBrainAndy February 1, 2017
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"My children are geniuses, college trophy kids." "Why does he always Trump it?"
by DollieLlama January 6, 2017
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trump it
Pull a fact out of your ass.
So, did you actually research those assumptions, or did you trump it?
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(noun)the Japanese word for playing cards. Used either by Wapanese speakers or in Japan.
wapanese_nerd: wanna come over and play trump?
inuyasha9182:sure! i've got new naruto based cards
by Saraiyu June 21, 2007
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A word said during a poker game implying you have a winning hand or to show another player their hand trumps someone else's

Kinda a bragging word used among friends at the poker table
Hey dude ur poker hand Trumps his cards because ur 4 of a kind is higher than his 4 of a kind
by PRETTY IN COPPER January 31, 2017
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