Delicious pre-baked form of cake, cookies, brownies, pancakes, etc
"MMM that batter was delicious"
"DUDE! My girlfriend came over and licked brownie batter of my c**k!"
by DurableBacon July 11, 2008
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The object of your affection; someone with whom you are caking.
You were getting awfully friendly over there. Who's the batter?
by J. Dodz April 19, 2006
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In Ireland the verb to batter is used as a slang for sexual intercourse.
"Jaysus I'm tellin' ya Mick, I battered her last night!"
by Eiméid October 4, 2005
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some random guy in a baseball uniform who appeared in this post-apocalyptic world. hates ghosts and will beat the shit out of anyone who's hostile to him.
The Batter is my favorite protagonist, he's badass even.
by qweurtyip809 July 14, 2023
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