Ultimate versatile similie that can be used for everything, mainly to do with the body though. Means extremely. Probably stems from the term bitchin'
German lessons drag like a bitch.

This curry's moreish like a bitch.

I was farting like a bitch at school today.

My sphincter stings like a bitch after that powershit I had after the curry.

I've been sitting on my arse too long, it aches like a bitch.

Jeff Beck can play guitar like a bitch.

I'm sweating like a bitch.

My MP3 player's dead like a bitch.

by Paracetamol 500mg September 30, 2006
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To get completely destroyed by the underdog. A higher level of being pwned
Hey did you see Fred racing Bob, the captain of the cross country team?

Yeah man, Bob got smoked like a bitch
by YelloDragon January 13, 2012
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To remove yourself from a bad situation in as quick a way as possible,mowing down anyone or anything in your way.
1.Oh shit it's the cops dude,run like a bitch!!!!

2.Guy 1:Is that a fucking zombie?
Guy 2:Run like a bitch!!!
by KillerKoolAid February 24, 2008
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To run extremely fast from somewhere once frightened.
Ghost: Boo.

Person One: Shit! A ghost!

Person Two: It has a gun! Leg it like a bitch!
by MistakeMeForASucker June 10, 2009
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When someone does something to piss somebody off but that person doesn't do anything back. Thus, taking it like a bitch.
Tom: Brad punched Ryan in the balls!
John: What did Ryan do to get back at him?
Tom: Nothing. He just took it like a bitch!
by Hare1MH August 21, 2009
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