trying to get someone to like you by flirting with them
dude i think shes hittin on me should i ask her out ?
by James May 15, 2005
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Flirting with another person beyond a general acceptance of friendship.
BOY: Your body is simply breathtaking, and your long flowing perfect i can't put it to words.

GIRL: You are hitting on me.
by **Bryan** October 31, 2005
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"A man being polite to a woman," flexibly given an undefined negative conotation by the speaker if he is annoyed by the fact of the socialization but couldn't find any specific wrong to quickly point out.

A "fudge word," used to describe the action or inaction of a man who is as a man deemed to be the responsble party, to mean an inappropriately close communication or socialization between a man and a woman.

"Socializing," which is a positive word can be flexibly described neutrally and romantically as "flirting," or negatively as "hitting on."

Can also mean "hitting," thus further demonstrating the flexibile nature of its meaning.
"He was hitting on her." Means the speaker doesn't like that he was talking with her and wants to imply he was flirting with her against her wishes or in an inappropriately close way given the distance of their relationship or lack thereof or given the situation or setting in which the conversation arose (all more implied than specified or actual).

"He was hitting on his wife." Means "he was beating his wife."
by Tom2 June 6, 2006
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The back-at-cha laugh.
And so, hit-hit, guess our smackdowned little man is gonna have to find some other bag to make a livelihood from. Domineering or what. His baby, not mine!
by Milt Alwin November 1, 2011
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To have sex with, usually on a regular basis.
Bob: I'm hanging out with Lauren Today
Joe: You should probably be hitting that.
Bob: I probably should.
by Georgie Porgie September 9, 2005
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1. An East Side San Jose slang used to describe someone's or something's unusual behavior (usually a meth head)
2. The actions of someone while on methamphetamine before, during and after using or when fiending for, coming down from, or under the influence of.

3. outrage stunts people do to get,conceal or share drugs

4. Crazy conversations and outbursts of nonsense or go off.

5. Unusual and not necessarily negative drug activity
There are a thousand examples:

1. when a dope smoker hops over your fence at 3:oo a.m. loud as fuk and knocks at your window waking you up to buy some meth . He's usually On Hit!!!

2. hustling your family for money to buy dope is on hit!!!

3. taking only just a couple hits of meth and fiending for more is said to be being "Left on Hit"™

4. Buying and smoking a sack of dope to the dome twenty minutes before lying through your teeth about it to your friends telling them that you didn't buy the sack or neither smoke it. Is on hit!!!

5. Anyone who roams the streets after dark looking for dope or something to steal and sell to buy dope is on hit!!!

6. When somebody notices or spots one of their friends, who is on meth, they will usually put them on blast about in front of other friends by laughing and clowning them on how "on hit" and "ripped" people could be

7. Finding out that something crazy or unusual is happening or has happened . Ex. "damn homie that shit you told me the
by Adub408 June 2, 2013
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