Ex: "I would've went, but I'm too tired.
by NY Phenom November 4, 2013
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It is a phrase to denote surprise, thoughtfulness and shock on an event or happening
Joe: America gets a black president
Bill: Who would've thunk?
by shrikash December 8, 2009
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The idea of reflecting back on your life and thinking about how things might now be better if you did things differently in the past. Usually involves feelings of guilt.
"I'm always thinking about the ghosts in my past, you know. The could've, would've, should've."
by yes juanito yes December 21, 2017
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When you do something contradictory to whatever the fuck you just said.
I'm gonna die now
*epic not die*
Is what I would've said
by mrrainbow56 May 6, 2021
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Helpful advice to give, in the event of someone farting loudly, in public.

1. Refers to 20th Century cars, where the "choke" would give more gas to the acceleration
2. Best delivered using an Australian accent
Scene: Very quiet, contemplative, fine art museum moment. While gazing thoughtfully at Monet's lilies in their pond, large Marge lets rip with a loud, egg-tinged room emptier. A Helpful Gentleman suggests: "Little more choke and you would've started luv!"
by EuroDingo_Word November 21, 2009
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