A comic by Sam Kieth, something of a parody on the stereotypical superhero story. Extremely confusing, yet equally awesome, the comic was so good that, when made into a show on MTV, it was decided to have too much quality and was cancelled, just like all the other good shows on that network. The Maxx was a deluded homeless man who believed himself to be a superhero, and deemed himself the protector of a social worker named Julie Winters. Constantly moving between two realities -- our world, and one called "The Outback" -- Maxx became increasingly confused about his own identity, and as it would turn out the only one with the answers was the serial rapist and murdering sorcerer Mr. Gone, his sworn enemy. Damndest thing.
The Maxx is no longer in print because there is no justice in the world.
by Pyro62S August 17, 2005
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On old TV show originated in 1994 on MTV occasionly showed after or before such shows as The Head, or Aeon Flux. The Maxx is a plumber name Dave who was cross-joined with a girl named Julie winters who was raped a while back by a man named Mr. Gone who has inhabited the world as we know it with the dark IZ brought from pangea. only to make it so that Julie does not bring up her past. The Maxx however must help julie to overcome her fear and reach her inner child. Whilst being fused with her Outback (Place to get away from it all) and sees her as his leopard queen. The show was cancelled in late 94 due to mass confusion by the audience. So Sam Keith (writer artist) closed the project and skipped right to the last episode. Thus confusing the people more.
"The Maxx kicked ass is is no longer on TV anymore." =(
by Spencer Meyers December 30, 2004
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True to thier name all Maxx's are Trustworthy. Attractive. Great kisser's. One of a kind, Proud of themselves in whatever they do. Messy, and unorganized. Procrastinators. Great lovers, when their not sleeping. Extreme thinkers. Loves their pets usually more then their familiy. Can be VERY irritating to others when they try to explain or tell a story. Unpredictable. Will exceed your expectations. Not a Fighter, But will Knock your lights out.
Maxx loves you...
by FrostTherWolf24 February 11, 2012
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An awesome guitarist and singer. He often has a severe case of ADD but it doesn't hold him back from much. He is the nicest guy you will ever meet, except... You might want just stay on his good side.
Girl: Wow, that Maxx guy is cool.
Dude: just be careful, I heard he stabbed a kid last week for stealing his cookie.
by Butbutbut March 5, 2012
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To Maxx: Giving it all, going all in. Doing things like a manly man. Taking a bold and daring decision in a fearless manner without considering the consequences. All or nothing, final stance or solution. Kamikaze behavior that solves most of the problems that the average man faces in life. Brave/bold but definitely not a rational or wise action. Crushing all the problems by sheer testosterone.
Maxx power!!!

Holy! You've seen John last night?!? He totally maxxed that chick!

High five! I maxxed the test!

You know Jules? He's getting married, he maxxed that chick and now she's pregnant...
by Gary Goldman April 23, 2010
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From the Latin word Maximus meaning Greatest

Also the funniest, cutest, nicest, sweetest, coolest, handsomest, smartest boyfriend ever
by Tibby11 November 25, 2016
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One known as having almighty power, with the ability to shred a great deal on guitar.

Also, one of the great leaders of the A.R.M. (Anti-Robot Movement).

See also, Battle-Axe Maxx
by subservient April 3, 2005
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