the world before it was seperated into contenents
pangea was just one big country and or world
by nicolas mendosa February 6, 2008
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when, due to excess moisture and heat, your balls stick to your leg, and your dick sticks to your balls. similar in concept to the classical definition of the word.
"bro, i've got a major pangea right now. summer sucks."
by polecat13 April 24, 2009
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when everything in your universe just clicks. when every hunger is satisfied and there is a feeling of unity with all walks of life.

Nirvana, Namaste, love, heaven, bliss, undefinable
When i looked in her eyes i felt pangea wash over me.

The day she was born I felt the whole of pangea come into my life.
by Terra Marine Norma JeanE May 18, 2010
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N. A meal comprised of a large bacon pizza and two number 7's from Taco Bell. The pizza is cut into two individual pieces. Then, a quesadilla is placed onto each side of the pizza. A crunchy taco is then placed on the upper half of each side of the pizza. Each pizza half is then folded lengthwise, to create the most epic combination of two of the greatest foods ever.
"Bro, lets to get a pangea"
"Order the pizza now, we will pick it up after taco bell"
fist bump
by 954nattybro June 2, 2011
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Pangea is by far the most famous and the most recent supercontinent. Spanning from the Pennsylvanian epoch, the second one in the Carboniferous period to the early Jurassic period, This supercontinent allowed animals and plants to spread and roam all over the land. It has been proven that fossils around this time were pretty much global and not restricted to specific continents. It formed with the closure of the Rheic Ocean and broke apart with the opening of the Atlantic Ocean.

Before Pangea, there were two continents called Laurasia and Gondwana (sometimes called Gondwanaland), and after Pangea broke apart, there were two continents too, also called well... Laurasia and Gondwana. The early Laurasia and Gondwana are sometimes called Paleolaurasia and Paleogondwana to prevent mixup of the names.

The name of Pangea originated from Greek where Pan means all and Gaia means earth. The name of Laurasia is made from concatenating the names of the Laurentia Craton (Today's North America) and Asia. Gondwana means "Land of Gonds (a tribe in India)".
Living in Pangea would be like living together with your friends wherever you go and not having to cross oceans with ships or planes.
by thealtf4psychic April 22, 2021
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A slang term for sex. Derived from the continents of South America and Africa once being one land mass called Pangea back in the day.
"Want to make some pangea?"
"Let's you and me visit Pangea tonight."
by BassBoss June 2, 2005
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The space between a woman's vage and anis!
I licked her Vage - It tasted of piss shit sweat and cum all at the same time :(
by Matthew Bennett May 10, 2005
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