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On old TV show originated in 1994 on MTV occasionly showed after or before such shows as The Head, or Aeon Flux. The Maxx is a plumber name Dave who was cross-joined with a girl named Julie winters who was raped a while back by a man named Mr. Gone who has inhabited the world as we know it with the dark IZ brought from pangea. only to make it so that Julie does not bring up her past. The Maxx however must help julie to overcome her fear and reach her inner child. Whilst being fused with her Outback (Place to get away from it all) and sees her as his leopard queen. The show was cancelled in late 94 due to mass confusion by the audience. So Sam Keith (writer artist) closed the project and skipped right to the last episode. Thus confusing the people more.
"The Maxx kicked ass is is no longer on TV anymore." =(
by Spencer Meyers December 30, 2004
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The story of a man...who does not exsist. An old TV show shown on U.S.A. depicting a talking black car driven by David Hasselholf
by Spencer Meyers December 30, 2004
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/Ubah/: A multi-Glass on Glass bong hotbox of a car.
Sure was a good ubah in Willis Jeff-Gergamons 1988 Jetta.
by Spencer Meyers February 17, 2005
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the request of the clock crew on all of there movies! occasionaly followed by "Fewel"
by Spencer Meyers December 30, 2004
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