someone who enjoys humping Kellog's products.
What's this white stuff on the Corn Flakes?
Oh, no! Steve the serial rapist must have gotten to it again!
by jojo20 April 18, 2005
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A lot of people look like a serial killer, but you don't hear many people say to somebody they know how they look like a serial rapist.
Gary-You look like a fuckin serial rapist Trent.
Trent-Fuck you don't say that Gary.

You know, I used to think Jim looked like a serial killer but not any more. Jim looks like a fuckin serial rapist.
by Solid Mantis August 17, 2017
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One of two genders, a Serial Rapist is masculine and has a penis. Contrast with a Dishwasher, the other gender.
Serial Rapist: I will rape a dishwasher today
by Cool Chad Based December 23, 2020
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SMR: (serial midget rapist) is a gangbanger that hangs around his taller attractive friends. He can't get any without spiking your drink at a party, since he is so short he can get away with it because you would just look over his head; he is not actively in your line of vision. An SMR stutters when he finds a mildly attractive mate and turns red like a tomato when someone feels up his trail patch of tears.

In a sentence:
In a sentence:

"Yo check out that fucking (SMR) Serial Midget Rapist if you were any taller he'd shag you like a deranged rabbit."
"I think that (SMR) Serial Midget Rapist roofed my friend because she like passed out and thought she felt a leprechaun ejaculate in her hair."
by HowToSteveAJobIn10Days April 9, 2018
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