To max someone.
To shoot someone in the back from the train station.
Dat nigga jus maxxed me.
by hollabax January 14, 2005
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to be heavily under the influence of an illegal substance, in particular marijuana.

e.g stoned, bent, smashed etc.
by Dolfz0r September 5, 2005
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to spend extreme amounts of money on modifying cars. or not as the case may be but show their level of enthusiasum with their pride and joy!!!maxxed is used to describe a highly modified car
max power cars, used on magazine covers.

to have a maxxed car!!
by tunerbuckster04 October 17, 2006
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in terms of food, to eat all of it, mostly to do with food that comes in large quanties
Joe: I just bought that big bag of chips today.
John: Yeah dawg I maxxed on that bag in like 5 minutes
by Dez Warren December 17, 2007
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Similar to min-maxing, minus any downsides. Creating a win-win situation.
Max-maxing is getting into a threesome with two hotties with negotiable morals and poor short-term memory. Completely consequence-free.
by ibelle42 May 23, 2010
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Charming, talkative guy who is really obvious when flirting but is too scared to say something. Smart, but doesn’t really show it because it isn’t his personality. Likes sports and is usually decent at things he starts. Good work ethic, and is serious about what he does. Can take a joke, and often gets teased because he can deal with it and it’s really easy for other people to do. Usually looks for the kind of girl others wouldn’t, and can’t explain why often. Very affectionate, especially with pets and babies. Often overlooked by others, and doesn’t go for popularity. Good relationship with family, and obedient most of the time. Can talk for hours on end, whether people want to listen or not. Sweet, and more caring then people know. Uses their words effectively, and commonly uses difficult words when speaking. Doesn’t want to and rarely does lose an argument, as they have a strong sense of what’s right. Pretty mature, can hang out with older kids and is well-liked.
I’ve been asking around about Max and I haven’t gotten two similar answers yet.
by RudStud February 19, 2019
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Max means he has a gigantic penis and all the ladies love him. Max gets all the booty!
Max: what up honeys?

Girls: can I smash you?


Did you see max? He's the one with the large penis?
by I know someone January 24, 2017
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