Maximus is an amazing loving guy who never fails to make a girl smile but hides alot of his personality for later times he can be quirky but he is shy until you get know him. He loves the girl and love lasting relationships. He has one girl that will always love him even if he loves sombody else.
If you dont already know somebody called maximus , go meet someone with that name becuase honestly people called maximus are amazing and i mean amazing..xx
by Acid2107 May 29, 2015
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the most epic person ever in the world,sexy,cute,nice and always smiling.Also to say maximus means epic
by Xxbroxx January 29, 2015
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Maximus is a smart, energetic, courages boy. If you meet a boy with that name he will rant random sentences. He will help you with anything.
by Disney Queen August 17, 2018
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An incredibly cool, awesome or deck teenage male.
by Pirate King Maximus April 27, 2004
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A Maximus is fucking hot and has a great personality. He’ll make you laugh even though you’re in a bad mood. He always talks about his dick or his boners to a girl he really likes but doesn’t want to admit it. He makes mistakes but always fixes it. Even though his dating a girl he might still like another girl who’s a really good friend of his. He wants long relationships, he might ask you to a dance one day and that’s when the good things happen:)
Oh my god, Maximus is so fricken cute! I like have to talk and meet him!!
by jazzymae October 23, 2018
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Has multiple Girls that love him even if he loves Someone else
That persons a Maximus
by dstuart513 June 19, 2020
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A male human with a penis with great size.
Wow, Maximus has the biggest dick!
by Reylfllun January 9, 2019
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