almighty people's nation..../\^/\^/\....5 poppin 6 droppin, 5 sippin 6 drippin
I serve ALMIGHTY and only da ALMIGHTY 5!
by Killa April 20, 2005
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almighty, a word often used by people who despise "cool".Also used when refering to physical strength of someone.
Colby is the almighty one of RedLick! you will bow to him
by Colby Stiner September 7, 2004
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somethign that i is!! something to discribe something that is "cool" a much better word for it. yet not everyone can say almighty in the right way, thou'st only teh almighty ones shall use it. for it is powerfull and thy peasenteh ones shall'nt takes its name in vaine!!
Nik is teh almighty one, you shalln't not run'st for yee will bow down!!
by Nik Barber October 4, 2004
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Redundant. Obviously should be shortened to simply THE. THE is awesome and has the best stories. THE is everything every man ever dreamed of being. THE always stops his motorcycle with an Endo! THE loves Tabasco but hates hot stuff. Every chick in the universe loves THE. If you've gone fast, THE has gone faster; with a hot chick. If you've jumped high, THE has jumped higher; while banging some chick in the ass. If you both got 6 packs, THE drank 8; he got 2 more from the chick at the desk, then she blew him. THE should have been in the NFL, but chose a shitty, menial, average-paying service job instead.
Dude1: I saw the hottest chick at the bar.
THE Almighty: I saw her first. I said, "Hey, How you doin'?" And then we had sex.
Dude1: Bullshit. Shop being THE.

THE Almighty: Hey, How you doin'?
Random chick that has no interest in him: ....
by The A Fox March 15, 2012
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al·might·i·er (ol-'mI-tE-&r)

1) to regard or refer to oneself as 1337, thereby proclaiming superiority over n00bs.

2) also used as an interjection to mean "keep it real!"
1) don't be frontin like you think you be almightier an' shiet.

2) word, man. almightier!
by APSpecialist June 6, 2005
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