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Symbol of celebration when something good is said/done. The causes for the call of "HIGH FIVE" can vary from anything as small as finding something cool on the floor to something as big as saving the world from almost certain destruction
dude, look at what i just found on the the floor-a lump of stone...HIGH FIVE

Well captain,we shut down Dr.bigbadmanMC's super massive destruction thing, thus saving the world....HIGH FIVE
by tramptastic June 29, 2004
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the thing that normal people do to everyday things.
1.hey look! its bernie kosar! high five! *high fives*
2. we just high fived! high five! *high fives*
3. OW you just hit my eye! high five! *high fives*
4. OW my hand hurts from high fiving.....high five! *high fives*
5. no really.. my hands bleeding. high five! *high fives*
by Dave Farley April 05, 2005
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The single acceptable greeting gesture that will bring the American culture full circle. An abrupt collision of two individuals hands to signify coolness, acknowledgement, amusement, agreement, or testosterone (in the case of a male.)
April 21st is National High Five day.
So the other day I was doing some grocery shopping in this little hippie organic food store close to my summer pad here in hippyville. I was deep in thought, debating between vegetable or three cheese spaghetti sauce, when a skinny hippie dude with a long beard accidentally bumped into me as he was excitedly loading some granola product into his hippie organic food store cart.
In a sort of delayed reaction-where-am-I-who-are-you-kind of way he said, "so sorry sister friend, didnโ€™t mean to bump you."
I, being the forgiving cool person that I am, replied in my classic-no-worries-reassuring-cool-as-fxxk-voice that it was not big deal, sxxt happens and life moves on...did he have any recommendations on vegetable or three cheese spaghetti sauce?
"Oh for sure, definitely the Veggie, it's all about the vegan style" he said.
-Vegan style? Whatever man. Thanks, veggies are tight. High Five...

***Oh fo sure...right there and then me and that old hippie dude gave each other a sweet ass hippie High Five.
Just like it should be done.
Keep on keeping.
High Five.
by Anita Molina July 14, 2005
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A high five is a painful slapping motion shared between so-called buddies after something great has been accomplished.

There are 3 different types of high fives:
- PAINFUL high fives are the best kind! They leave that slight stinging sensation on your hand. If you get one of these, you know that both you and your friend are happy...

- WEAK high fives are often signs that your friend ISN'T very happy about your accomplishment. (A.K.A. He wished that HE had found the $20 lying on the street.)

- MISS high fives are when you miss the other person's hand entirely. If this happens, you need to get a life. It means you have a serious lack of accomplishments in your current one. I feel sorry for you.

"Yes! We beat those sorry losers!" HIGH FIVE (painful!)

"Oh, wow! I found a $20 bill" HIGH FIVE (weak!)

"Mom! Someone at school actually spoke to me today!" HIGH FIVE (miss!)
by lang 679 June 26, 2006
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The action of hitting someone's open hand with your own above your heads to show that you are pleased about something.
Hey,give me high five for that one!
by Peding August 26, 2010
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She went off to college and graduated with the high five.
by P August 10, 2003
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