The Outback (Austalian slang) refers to the large expanse of uninhabited/sparsely populated centre of the Australian continent.
More than 85 percent of Australia's 22 million population live in towns and cities on the eastern and southern coasts. For this portion of the population, The Outback refers to just about anywhere more than an hour from the coast.
The Outback has no discernable boundaries or limits, it exists on no map, but is easily recognisable by most travellers as being the places where you can drive for a few hours without seeing any towns or houses.
Tom ran out of fuel in The Outback, and had to wait three days for another car to appear.
by Wazza9999 February 4, 2010
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A BC heaven where many people go year round. The nicest, most beautiful, warmest, funnest place ON EARTH. The place you go to that will change your way of thinking, that will leave you dreaming and if it's lost, it can never be replaced. A place where you laugh hysterically, swim, tan, cliff jump, dance, play sports (soccer) and have the best time of your being. :)
Hmmm.. they must've went to THE OUTBACK.
by sydneycrosbyishott June 17, 2010
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australian, n; the bush. Remote country areas of Australia.
Went outback for a few weeks on walkabout.
by herbie August 25, 2004
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1) Restaurant franchise that is headquartered in Tampa, Florida; renowned for its thick, juicy steaks and savory Bloomin' Onions

2) Eatery whose cuisine will inflict some unrighteous pain on grown man's gastrointestinal tract. The conglomeration of grease from the Aussie fries, juice from the Coca-Cola marinated steak, and cream from Sydney's Sinful Sundae will surely bring you to your knees and make you plead for clemency.

3) Longtime sponsor of the Outback Bowl, which is played annually on New Years Day. The Outback Bowl is notorious for its early kickoffs and frequently swampy conditions to welcome college football fans to a new year.
1) "Johnny's system was under unrelenting siege from the filling Outback meal, as the Aussie fries and Victoria's 9-ounce fillet pummeled his system to sheer oblivion."

2) "Jake missed the entire first half of the Outback Bowl after being hung over at the New Year's Eve Party. At least he was able to see his Razorbacks open up a can of whoopass on Michigan in the second half."

by Z_19 May 15, 2007
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A crossover made by Subaru, the SUV for those who don't need to compensate. First built in 1995 as a trim level for the Legacy, the Outback has evolved into its own model. A capable, sensible, and practical sedan (up to 2004) or wagon which thrives in conditions from icy mountain passes to dusty sideroads and the occasional mudhole. Not a full off roader, as everyone likes to point out, but somehow does better than most Escapes and even 4Runners.
1) The entire road was covered in ice, but the Outback didn't slip once.

2) Essential equipment for the Canadian: hockey gear, lacrosse gear, camping gear, and an Outback.
by Scooby Techie May 24, 2010
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1.) slang for australia
2.) A restaurant known for it's delicious bloomin' onion and steak.
3.) A car made my wordSubaru/word
1.) For vacation I'm heading to the outback.
2.) For dinner I'm heading to the outback.
3.) For the trip I'm heading out in the outback.
by 8ball February 28, 2003
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The flab that hangs out over the backside of a person's pants--similar to a "muffin top" but referring specifically to the back area. This phenomenon often occurs when a heavier person wears pants that are too tight, particularly evident when some heavier females wear low-rise jeans with revealing mid drift t-shirts or tops.
1. "Dude, that girl's face is cute, but she's got an outback."
2. "I was trying on some of my old pants the other day and I caught a look of myself from the rear in the mirror...and I had an outback!"
by AceAudi February 15, 2008
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